The Body Shop Facial Brush

The Body Shop Facial Brush

Hello Beauties,

Today, I have a super cute thing to show to all of you. It is one of the cutest thing I own. So, here is the review.

The Body Shop Facial Brush

Name of the Product:

The Body Shop Facial Brush.


Rs. 299/-, but I got it for Rs. 240/- on discount at TBS outlet at Inorbit Vashi.

TBS facial brush comes in a simple plastic cover and there was not much information written on it.

TBS Facial

My Take on The Body Shop Facial Brush:

I saw this brush many times at the TBS outlet, picked up also, but then cancelled, and walked out of the store, but one fine day, the SA told me that its on discount and I immediately purchased it.  Actually, it looks so super cute that i could not resist myself from buying this product.


You have to keep the brush as shown in the picture after cleaning.

Facial Brush

TBS facial brush is an exfoliating brush meant to be used with cleansers.  It is made up of synthetic bristles.  The bristles are soft and the brush is easy to clean.  Though the SA had advised me to use this brush with a cleanser, I do not think it works that way because the bristles are not at all soft on skin and since the cleanser I used did not lather up much, I felt the brush was abrasive on my skin and I was left with a red face!

TBS Facial

Then, I used a different method.  My friend who had clogged pores and dead skin used this brush while she had a thick layer of face pack on her face.  When the face pack was in a semi-dry state, she wet the brush with water and used it in a circular movement.  After rinsing off, she had super refined pores and her skin was glowing and became smooth.  But girls, you have to be very gentle while using TBS facial brush, otherwise it can aggravate acne condition, bring on rashes and lead to red and patchy skin.

So let’s have a quick recap:

Pros of The Body Shop Facial Brush:

  • Does good exfoliation, but with the right textured face pack and a gentle hand.
  • Very compact and super cute.
  • Skin feels clean, glowing.
  • Refines pores.
  • Easily available at TBS outlets.
  • Often on discount.

Cons of The Body Shop Facial Brush:

  • Not a must-have product.
  • Way too abrasive if used alone.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend The Body Shop Facial Brush?


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16 thoughts on “The Body Shop Facial Brush

  1. Oh..Thanks for the review..will stay clear off it. :yuck:
    Jomol, TBS has a facial buffer for exfoliation. it looks like a powder puff.. i have that and its very good. i think around 100 or 150 rs.. do check that out next time :haanji:

  2. TBS has made super had brushes for both body and face.. 😐 that body brush toh is rightly called as cactus brush. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  3. this brush i use when i apply a face wash, and thats the only way i use it. btw i dont move the brush in circular motions, but in a single vertical stroke, otherwise it would just give me a red face. i have seen softer brushes being sold for a fraction of the price. TBS does know how to dupe us. their facial buffer is indeed good, but needs major softening.

  4. I have seen this one at TBS! It always scares me off because my dad used a similar round brush on his suede jackets. 😛 I am going to give the facial exfoliation thingie a try though – the one which looks like a powder puff. And what’s it with TBS and crazy hard brushes? :waiting: I tried their cactus brush and it seemed like it was made for a troll’s skin. :headbang: :-/

  5. it looks so cute :teddy: something u’d like to see on ur dressing table or bathroom shelf……it reminds me of the brush used by barbers to brush off the waste hair after a haircut is done :dumb: :pan:

  6. Hi Jomol,

    I bought this but stopped using it as it was too harsh for me might do more damage than good …I am currently using it to clean my nails …I bought a basiccare one and it is really good , soft and with a longer handle so easy to use …

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