Lakme Absolute Face Brush Review

Lakme Absolute Face Brush Review

Lakme Absolute Face Brush Review


Rs. 875

Like I said, I am reviewing all the newly-released brushes from the Lakme Absolute range.  The very first impression is that they are really overpriced. The one that I am reviewing today is the most expensive one.

Face Brush

The brush is for face, meant for powder products like blush and compact powder or loose powder and to blend them out well. It is a retractable brush with a nice cap to it, so when you pull it back, the bristles go back inside and then you can place the cap on to it. This kind of a brush needless to say is a favourite with everyone.  The sole purpose is that we all can travel with it and we can find a place in our handbags without having to worry about the bristles.

Face Brush

The bristles I believe are synthetic and are very soft and softer than any other brush I might have used. The bristles are all deep black and very shiny and feel feather soft on the face. Now, when I look back, having used rough brushes from Vega, I can clearly see the difference in the cost as well.

Face Brush

I do have a few retractable brushes, but none of them feel so classy and soft. This one has a nice metal body in black and shines to a twinkle. I love the fact that this feels bulky and I think this would last me a very long time.

Face Brush

The bristles being soft are very well fixed in. I have tried washing it thrice in every way, but not a single hair has shed and there is no color that comes off the bristles, I mean the black is intact.  I think the bristles and the quality is top of the line and I am very satisfied with it.

Face Brush

Now, coming to the price tag of Rs. 875, they could have been a little generous for an introductory price. I think not many of us would like to spend Rs. 875 on a brush, but even if I convince you about the quality, you can buy this if you don’t have any other brush.

Face Brush

Why you should buy this:

Apart from the excellent quality and soft bristles, this brush is for keeps.  Let’s say you spend Rs. 300 on a Vega brush, which feels rough and sheds, does more damage to your skin than good, is a pain to wash and the whole experience of the makeup or blush application is futile and not so enjoyable. On the contrary, you invest in this brush, use it for your powder, blush and blending of bronzer or highlighter, it will multi task, can be carried around, is very sturdy and doesn’t shed, and lasts you for a very long time. Hence, you don’t need 5 separate brushes and so I recommend this brush for everyone who wants to save money and keep their collection limited yet complete.

Last Word:

Expensive, good quality, super soft, works well with all my face powder products like powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and I can carry it all the time.  I wash it repeatedly and it won’t shed. This one is for keeps, so no harm in spending Rs. 875 if you don’t own any other brushes!

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (it is a little pricey though!)

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30 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Face Brush Review

      1. I could cope with just calling them ‘Lakme brushes’ for the same brush and they can reduce the price for this cute thing! 😉 No longer absolute. No longer expensive. 😛

  1. Hey I like vega. 😛 I got the natural bristles large powder brush and love it to bits. for now. 😛 This one looks good cause of the retractable packaging – that`s very useful to prevent the bristles from getting damaged while you are on the move. pretty pretty. nice review 😀 and pics 😀

    1. which one from vega? i mean the old wooden ones
      do u have the new professional expensive ones from vega? they will be better i suppose 🙂

  2. Looks nicey but I m planning on getting some real techniques brushes. Even they re less expensive than this one. :-/

      1. There are brushes from the brand Real techniques developed by a youtube guru. They re supposed to be very good. I m getting those now 🙂

  3. this lakme brush’s price is close to the tbs kabuki brush…n that’s supposed to be excellent! so..if i have to shell out so much, i would add a couple hundreds more n go for the tbs one :-/

  4. I must have this brush!! I am in desperate need of a retractable powder brush and since you say this one is sooo soft, this might be THE ONE for me..

  5. Hey Dolon,
    can u plz tell me hw u buy things frm coastal scents don’t they charge 2 much shipping which almost doubles the price of the same?
    Plz reply.

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