7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dyeing



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Today, I would be speaking about different ways to add color to your hair without dyeing. When it comes to adding color to your hair, dyeing is one of the most simple yet effective ways to use. However, if you want to add colors to your hair in a natural way, there are different ways to use it potentially. Using these options are hair friendly and also do not destroy the texture of your hair. So, you can opt to any of these without worrying about the disadvantage.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying6

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1. Clip in Extensions:

One simple yet effective way to add colors to your hair is, using clip in extensions. There is a wide range of clip in extensions with a huge variety of colors in it. Using these color clip in extensions can give you a fair idea about, how your hair would look like, if they opt for something permanent in future. The best part of these extensions is it does not damage your hair; all you need to do is clip in the extensions and comb it with your natural hair together.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying5

2. Hair Chalk:

The trend of hair chalk is winning the market, thanks to its effective and quick results. The trend has been popular for last few years because coloring your hair with chalk is budget friendly and is an easy option. All you need to do is simply wet the pastel colors and then rub on the hair. In order to seal the hair color properly, use a straightening iron and apply a little hairspray on the hair.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying3

3. Color Rubs:

Color rubs are one of the latest trend in the market which can help to dye your hair easily. The biggest pro of coloring your hair with color rubs are, you can mix and match the colors, according to your need. You can even choose the darkest color of all and don’t worry it won’t get transferred onto your clothes.

4. Spray-on Colors:

Spray-on colors is another choice that a person can opt for highlighting their hair. Spray-on colors can be used to color your hair on a temporary basis. There’s nothing subtle about spray-on hair colors – they’re usually full of reds, pinks, purples, blues and green. One best thing about the spray on colors is, they get washed off easily with the help of water.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying2

5.Headband Extensions:

Headband extensions are also known as secret extensions which can be used to fake colored hair. Headband extensions look really good, if worked properly. If you don’t want to dye your hair and do not want to opt for any of these methods, headband extensions are the simplest of all. Headband extensions look great when worn with a hat or secured with a ponytail.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying

6. Bonded Hair Extension:

Bonded hair extension have a more secure color than that of headband extensions. In Bonded hair extension, a group of hair can be bonded into a small piece of your own hair and also can be washed, straightened and curled. They are super easy to remove and you can also change the texture or color of your hair.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying4

7. Braided Hair Color:

If you want to make your hair look colorful, opt for braided hair color. Braided hair colors are available in form of ribbons and fabrics in different colors. If you want to stand out of the crowd, opt for braided hair colors. It’s a bold hairstyle choice but, those who can pull it off, will always look absolutely great.

7 Different Ways to Add Color to Your Hair Without Dying1

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