A Complete Guide to Color Your Hair at Home

By Drishti Kumar

Hello ladies,

Today, I am back with a guide for all of you who love coloring their hair at home.


Stay tuned for some amazing tips and tricks!

1. Don’t Opt for Extreme Changes:

Extreme makeovers can require going to a salon and seeking professional help. Som changes like red to platinum or green to blonde are best left to professionals who can assess different hair tones and take measures to minimise damage. We recommend going only two shades lighter or darker than your original hair color at home and not trying anything over the top.


2. Always Buy More:

You definitely do not want your hair color to get over in between the process of coloring them. Therefore, always keep an emergency box which you could save for the next time.

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3. Do a Patch Test:

If you are trying out a new shade or a new brand of hair color that you have never tried before, it is best to do a little patch test on a few trimmed hairs or a smaller section to make sure that you are not allergic to it and if the color suits you well.


4. Go Naked or Put on Some Old Clothes:

If you want to avoid staining your clothes while you are coloring your hair, it is best to strip down for a while to avoid the dripping color getting on your clothes. As an alternative, you can put on an old t-shirt to avoid the mess.


5. Put Some Solid Balm on Your Forehead:

Another mishap that can happen from your dripping color is a stained forehead. To avoid this problem, apply a thick layer of lip balm over your forehead. Also, avoid thin or gel kind balms as they can be quite irritating.

6. Prepare Your Workstation Beforehand:

Before you proceed, Place all your tools and supplies that you might need in the process at your workstation. This will make sure that you do not run here and there with your hands in hair color-stained gloves.

7. A toothbrush can Save the Day:

For a subtle change in your everyday look, take a toothbrush, dip it into some color and gently flick it on your bangs, instead of your toothbrush you can use an old mascara wand too. This tip is strongly recommended to beginners looking for an understated and subtle change in their look.


8. Start from the Roots:

Since roots take up most of the hair color, it makes sense to start from there and gradually proceed on to rest of the hair strands. Put some color on your roots and then comb away evenly. This will ensure an even color distribution. Also, work in 4-6 sections for a more neat and professional finishing.

9. Place Yourself Between Two Mirrors:

Since looking at the back of your head can be quite tricky, it leaves more room to mistakes. To avoid leaving a patch or two of your hair bare, always place yourself between two mirrors so that you can easily assess which sections need your attention.


10. Keep Wet Wipes Handy!

Use these wipes to wipe away any dye splattering here and there on your body or on your furniture before the stains become too deeper.

11. Put on a Shower Cap:

Once you have applied the hair color on your hair, secure it in a shower cap before hopping off to wander here and there. Else, you might seriously damage your bed-linen or furniture.


That’s all for today girlies, hope you liked it.

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