7 Healthy Tips to Take Care of Your Wavy/Curly Hair

7 Healthy Tips to Take Care of Your Wavy/Curly Hair

This is probably the sexiest hair type but if you got it, you will know how difficult it is to manage this hair type. This hair type tends to be dry and does not like to sit in order. The scalp tends to be oily and because of the curls, the essential oils produced by your scalp are not able to reach the ends of your hair. This makes them go dry over a period of time and dry hair easily move on to being brittle.

So there are some really handy tips that can be adopted in everyday hair care which are easy and work great for this hair type.


1. Choose the correct shampoo: By correct shampoo I do not mean the costliest shampoo out there in the market. Go for the shampoo, which works for your hair. Everybody’s hair is different and responds differently to different products. Of course this will come after some trial and error, but I’d suggest once you have found the shampoo, which suits your hair, stick to it. If you get bored of it, try going for something with similar ingredients. IMBB is always here to upgrade you with the latest best products in the market. Look up the reviews before you buy a new shampoo. I would strongly suggest a sulphate free shampoo for this hair type. Sulphate is a foaming agent. It tends to dry up your hair in a process of cleansing. So, try going for a shampoo, which is free of harsh chemicals.

2. Moisturize your hair: This is a very important tip to keep your wavy-curly hair healthy. Use a conditioner in the shower after you are done washing your hair. This is essential for this hair type. Use a deep conditioner/hair mask once a week to provide that extra nourishment to your hair. Always remember, moisturized hair feels good and looks better. Invest in a good leave in treatment. It need not be some extra costly one. There are some very good leave in serum available from Matrix. Try them.  Dry hair tends to create friction among them. This damages the cuticles further making them frizzy. So if you don’t want frizz, you need to quench the thirst of your hair.


3. Combing your hair: I have heard people say, combing the hair in shower detangles the hair. *facepalm* NEVER EVER comb your hair in the shower. It is the worst punishment you give your hair. Wet hair is weak at the roots. You are basically pulling out your hair from the roots when you detangle your hair in the shower. Instead,
-try detangling your hair before hoping into the shower.
-While you wash your conditioner, try keeping your hair under the stream of water and gently detangle your hair. This does better detangling than combing.

Once you are out of the shower, let your hair air-dry. If you are in a hurry, try setting your blow drier to minimum heat and blow dry. Again, I would recommend use a wide toothed comb. Start from the ends of your hair when you comb. Don’t start from the top because you will only create new tangles. So when you start from the bottom, you will notice your hair is easy to comb and breaks less.

4. Oil your hair: You can use any good oils. Olive oil, Almond oil, coconut oil etc. It can be any. Make sure to give yourself a nice champi every once in a while preferably once or twice a week. This keeps your hair soft and moisturized. Always concentrate on the ends of your hair because that’s where you need all the moisture. If you don’t like the smell of your hair oil, add a couple drops of essential oil. Don’t go for fancy fragranced oils out there in the market. The best oils for your hair are there in you kitchen shelf.


5. The damaged ends: This is pretty controversial. I know some people say you must get regular trims to get rid of dead ends and others say it doesn’t really matter. Well I say let’s dive into it. Now I do not understand the funda behind “regular trims”. If your hair is damaged, with lots of split ends, my lady, you need to cut it off. On the other hand if your hair is not damaged, I really don’t think you need that trim especially if you are trying to grow your hair out. So get your hair trimmed only when you feel that you need that trim. Don’t make a calendar schedule and chop off your manes just like that. Remember to take care of the ends of your hair so that they do not get damaged and you wouldn’t need to cut them off.

6. Protect you hair: Protect your hair from the harsh environmental pollution. Protect it from sun and heat. Use a cute scarf or carry and umbrella. Use a leave in treatment, which has UV protection. Remember you hair get maximum damaged in the sun. Minimize sun exposure. Protect it from heat during heat styling. Use a heat protectant spray. ALWAYS. Don’t be lazy because this can cause serious damage to your hair. Never ever use an oil based heat protectant before heat styling as this can literally fry your hair. While you sleep, put your hair in braids or use a silk pillow cover to avoid friction. This way, next day you will have least tangles and your cuticles wont get damaged as much.


7. Drink healthy: Drink good amount of water. I cannot stress enough how important water is for you hair. In fact for your overall health. Once you start drinking enough amounts of water, you will notice a healthy improvement in you hair, skin and overall system of your body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. If you don’t like bland water, make it interesting, get your favorite mug, put in a straw, instead of munching on popcorns while watching movies sitting on you couch, and sip in water. Add some lemon and sugar and make lemonade. Drink fruit juices.

I hope these will be helpful. It is not hard to take care of your long hair if you inculcate some tricks.

Let me know in the comments if you have a great tip for hair 🙂 🙂

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14 thoughts on “7 Healthy Tips to Take Care of Your Wavy/Curly Hair

  1. Hair type : Wavy / Curly….thats right this does work , have been doing this from so long…..slowly am seeing changes 🙂

    1) Shampoo – matrix , tresemme
    2) conditioner – matrix Ultra hydra or TBS frizz free cream , oiling
    3) Drinking lots of water and protect hair (to prevent damage) – yes
    4) would like to include – nutrients are imp ( biotin , folic , proteins , grapeseed , etc)

  2. *thankyou*
    but it seems like after doing all this hairs are still target for split ends… every 4-5 months i had to get a trim because of these damaged ends. I rarely(2-3 times in a year) use straightener or blow dry

      1. tresemme – climate control is good.

        proteins – gal have sprouts , dal , lobia etc , lotus stem , seseme seeds they are good for hair. As for grapseed – its a combi of biotin + folic + zinc + grapeseed + cacium – can try an supplement ( i have tried hautvit suppliment).

  3. Hello Astha,
    Good information indeed. I too have wavy hair that tends to get dry and frizzy at times. Well I do follow most of the wonderful tips that you have shared with the readers, I do wish to ask you about the names of sulfate free shampoos that are available in our Indian market. Can u suggest a few of them. I live In Delhi. And, can u also help me with a few suggestions for leave -in conditioners and sun safe serums please. This added information would definitely help many of us here..
    With Best Wishes

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