7 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make Sagging Skin Look Younger

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my lovely ladies,

How have you all been doing? Today I’m back with another post which deals with something that concerns every lady above 35. We all might say that age is just a number; however, we all know the times we stare at the mirror noticing the signs of ageing appearing on your face. And then, we desperately want to counteract them. Therefore before giving the tips, let me remind you that you are beautiful, no matter which age you are in. Embrace your beauty and then turn to your vanity for that little bit of extra help to look as youthful as you desire.

Make moisturisation your makeup mantra

This point should need no introduction. Moisturisation was important in your skin care even in your 20s, but as you grow older, the importance of moisture increases tenfold. Nobody wants dry, sagging skin which will accentuate the wrinkles. Therefore, always hydrate and moisturise your face properly before applying any sort of makeup. Moisture will fill the sagging and dry patches and will make your face look more supple and youthful.

Use a moisturising foundation

As moisture becomes an important factor for mature, sagging skin, you need to switch up your makeup products to moisture-based ones. The first important change needs to be made in your foundation. You have to go for moisturising cream or gel based foundations. This foundation will give your skin a supple look as well make it look glossy instead of cakey. Even the application of the foundation needs to be done carefully with more emphasis on the sagging or wrinkled areas.

Try going for gold or yellow toned foundation

An important characteristic of mature, ageing and sagging skin is that it turns either red or ashy. Therefore to correct it all you need is a gold or yellow toned foundation which will counter the greyness and the ashiness. Not only will the gold toned foundation serve as a colour corrector, it will also impart a subtle glow to your skin. The colour, glow, and luminosity will effectively hide your saggy facial skin and make it look beaming with youth.

Use a creamy concealer

A concealer becomes an essential item in your vanity as your skin begins to sag and wrinkle. A concealer can effectively conceal all the tell-tale signs of your age and impart brightness to your face. However, it is very vital to choose creamy, moisture-based concealers. Avoid powder-based concealers as they will further accentuate the dryness and patchiness of the skin, making it look older. Therefore, a cream-based concealer for your under eyes, crow’s feet and dark spots or sagging skin can be your most effective makeup trick.

Use eye pencils to awaken your eyes

Sometimes, to take the focus away from your skin and create an all over younger look, all you need to do is awaken and brighten those eyes. You can do this effectively with the use of eye pencils. You need a nude eye pencil on the inner rim of your eyes to instantly wake those eyes up. To make the colour of your eyes pop out you need to apply a dark coloured line on the upper lash line. Lining your eyes with these two colours will shift the focus to your eyes and instantly camouflage the sagging skin to achieve a younger look.

Apply vaseline or highlighter on the high points

As you age and your skin gets saggy, your bone structure gets more prominent and it is a boon in disguise. You can make the most use of that fact by applying shimmer or highlighter on the high points of your face which will just take the focus away from the sag. Apply a highlighter with a fine brush on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the centre of the forehead and the cupid’s bow. If you do not have a highlighter handy, just use our good old Vaseline to create the illusion of a perfectly highlighted face.

Use an eyeshadow base

Once your skin ages and sags, you may find it difficult to apply eyeshadow with all the creasing and accentuating of wrinkles. However, never let age shy you away from what you want to do. All you need to do is apply a good coat of eyeshadow base on your lids before donning the shadow. It will even out and smooth the creases as well as counteract the darkness around the eyes. Hence, once you are done applying the eyeshadow, your eyes will look more youthful than ever.

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