7 Tips To Stop Your Face From Getting Shiny

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Today, we would be talking about some tips and tricks to stop your face from getting shiny. Not everything that shines is gold and especially when it is your skin, it is certainly not. People with oily skin generally suffer from shine on the face as the oil produced by the skin gets accumulated on the surface. A shiny face not only hampers your self-confidence but it leads to clogged pores and acne.
So, if you are someone who wants to stop your face from getting shiny, here are a few effective tips to do so.

7 Tips To Stop Your Face From Getting Shiny

1. Look For The Best Cleanser:

One important step that can help to prevent accumulation of oil on the face is choosing the right type of cleanser. All cleansers available in the market can help to get rid of the oil from the face but that is often for a very short period of time. So, you should generally choose mild foaming cleansers which can prevent your face from getting shiny. Cleansers that prevent breakouts on the skin and also prevent over-drying of the skin. Use ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser to cleanse your skin.


2. Choose The Right Type Of Moisturizer:

With a large variety of moisturizers available in the market, you should choose the one which is good to be used on your skin type. In order to get rid of the shine from the face, you should be choosing a moisturizer which is light-weight and also oil-free. Using oil-free moisturizers can help to balance your skin and also prevent your skin from further producing oil. Use Kama Ayurveda Sanobar Body Moisturizer for nourishing your skin.


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3. Aloe Vera Massage:

You should massage your skin twice or thrice in a week with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties which prevent your skin from getting breakouts. Also using aloe vera gel on the face can prevent your skin from getting shiny. It also controls oil production on the face. Scoop out some fresh aloe vera gel from leaves and massage your face with this. Wash off with cold water after 15-20 minutes.

Aloe Vera Gel Massage

4. Wash Your Face With Warm Water, Not Hot Water:

One important and crucial way to prevent from getting shiny is you should wash your face with warm water. Using hot water can irritate the glands on the skin thus making them produce more oil. So, it is always good to cleanse your skin with warm water twice a day. It keeps the skin oil-free.

Wash Face with Warm Water

5. Use A Matte Primer:

Primers are definitely an essential part of your daily makeup routine if you have oily skin. But there’s a catch! You need to choose a matte primer as it helps to eliminate the excess shine on the face. Using a matte primer is much better for oily skin as it helps to absorb the excess oil throughout the day. You can use Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer for a matte finish.


6. Use More Of Mineral-Based Powders:

You should be using a mineral based powder as it helps to absorb the excess oil from the face thus eradicating excess shine from the face. You should be applying a thin layer of mineral powder on the face using a sponge or fluffy brush. It will prevent your makeup from looking cakey or unnatural. It will help to make your makeup last longer and also prevent unwanted shine on the face. You can use LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder for oily skin.


7. Avoid Heavy Night Creams:

There are many people who love their night creams, as it hydrates the skin and also pampers it in the best possible way. You should be using a hydrating serum or cream instead of moisturizing night creams as it will pamper your skin to the fullest. Using hydrating creams is the best way to prevent your skin from getting shiny as your skin soaks the cream very easily. You should go for the Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream at night.


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