Combat Oily Skin in Humid Weather by Avoiding These Mistakes

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How are you all? I was just thinking if this Monsoon season trying to back out because everyday I go out to my office and hope for rain. But annoyingly, instead of water on the ground, we see oily shine on our skin. And, this is all because of humidity present in the air which induces excess sweat. In this weather, it is quite hard to control sweating and especially on the face. And, moreover there are some routine mistakes that cause excess oil secretion tending to a greasy shine on face.

Combat Oily Skin in Humid Weather by Avoiding These Mistakes3

Choosing Wrong Cleanser

Things go really terrible when we opt for a wrong cleanser. If you are conscious about your skincare regime, picking up the right cleanser is an ethic to save your skin from that unctuous look. Now a days, everyone is mindful of his/her skin type and basic skin needs so please ignore any kind of inadvertence and grab a cleanser which is best suited for your skin type and can fulfil needs of your skin, but wisely.

Combat Oily Skin in Humid Weather by Avoiding These Mistakes2

Overdose of Cleansing

Another absurdity which we see and even notice is over cleansing of the face. There is a misconception that cleansing again and again is going to result in an oil-free, satiny and clean skin. But, it is a damn misconception! Cleansing two times (and not more than that) a day is an inevitable step for an oil free skin. The best times would be when you go out of home in the morning and once when you come back home around evening to remove all the dirt and grime.

Ignoring Essential Factors

Things which are crucial for your skin are important because it is the natural demand of your skin and it can’t be backed off at any cost. Essential factors such as a moisturizer and sunblock are avoided due to the lack of time by most of us. But, if you have oily skin, this does not mean that you do not need moisture. It is a typical myth! Besides this, experts advise to rely on homemade skin treatments and specially face packs as the natural ingredients used in homemade packs treat your skin from deep inside and protect even more effectively with antioxidant properties if you have added any antioxidant ingredient in it.

Combat Oily Skin in Humid Weather by Avoiding These Mistakes2

Inappropriate Exfoliation

Girls, if you think inappropriate exfoliation means just overdoing of exfoliation, you are a bit wrong here. There are 3 basic rules of exfoliation to obey and that are – 1) avoiding lack of exfoliation, 2) following the right method to exfoliate, and 3) not rubbing face vigorously for long time. There is no rocket science to understand here that the lack of exfoliation may result in accumulation of dirt and overdoing it can trigger excess oil secretion. So, scrubbing twice a week is more than sufficient for a normal to oily skin. But, make sure you use the scrub of your choice.

Letting Things Touch Your Face

Don’t let your hair or fingers touch your face. Yes, not even yours! Your face will lead to more oily finish if you tend to touch your face every now and then. Hair that touch your face again and again are annoying for the skin. So, keep your hair tied up and away from the face if you have shiny skin problem in summers and keep your hands busy and keep doing any other work than touching your face.

Combat Oily Skin in Humid Weather by Avoiding These Mistakes

Unhealthy Makeup Routine

Okay, if you are not aware of the importance of removing your makeup before bed, you are probably living under a rock. But choosing any drugstore product or using loads of makeup on face too frequent is not good for you, if you complain about summer sheen on your skin. Wearing makeup is not a sin and all of us love it. But, make sure you compensate your skin by showing some TLC from time to time.

I hope these factors will improve your skin and will make it more healthy and less oily. 🙂

Will be back soon. Till then, Lots of love.

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