7 Ways to Look Feminine in a Pant-Suit

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Pant suit is a rage nowadays amongst fashionistas, celebrities and fashion bloggers. Pant suits are a great way to incorporate menswear trend in a girl’s wardrobe. But it can sometimes look too manly. Let’s find out ways to own a pant suit and look every bit charming and feminine diva that you are.

pant suit fashion

Slip Into Stilettos

Heels have the power to instantly transform a girl into chic diva. You can wear variety of shoes with suits like stilettos, heels, gladiators, pointy toe heels or strappy heels. Heels look really glamorous when worn along with pant suits.

Wear a Bold Lip

A red lipstick can brighten up any day and any outfit with so much ease and aplomb. If you think red is too bold for you then you can try various shades of orange, plum or wine to suit your mood and liking. A bright lip colour takes away the manliness and makes way for style and glamour.

pant suit with bold lip

Try Different Colours

Instead of choosing whites, blues and greys, go for vibrant hues like pinks and reds which represent everything girly and feminine. You can choose to play your makeup down and let your pant suit do all the talking.

Wear Quirky Prints

Wearing different prints can actually take the plain ol’ pant suit to another level. Avoid big and bold prints and go for checks, stripes and graphic prints which are subtle yet add so much to any outfit.

quirky pant suit

Add Vest or a Crop Top

If you will be wearing your pants suit for an evening out then add a pop of colour to it by adding a vest. If you have a midriff worth flaunting then you can also go for stylish crop tops too.

Add Statement Accessories

Yes we girls can get away with almost anything when it comes to accessorizing. You can make your pant suit more edgy and fun with the use of statement accessories, oversized bags or sunglasses.

pant suit with statement jewelry

Play Around with Shapes

Instead of going for the usual length, you can have yours stitched to ankle length or shorter than that. You can also go for peplum styled pant suits to add a little spice to the usual pant suit styles.

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