9 Timeless Styling Tips for A Classic Look

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No matter how many trends come and go, but class and elegance remain timeless. There are some things that never go out of fashion, like crisp white shirts, little black dresses and bright red pout. Let’s find out some tips to make your style effortlessly timeless.

blush trench coat

1. Embrace Your Shape

body shapes

If you are skinny, plus size or have an hourglass figure, there are clothes meant for every body shape. No matter what shape you are, stop criticizing yourself and embrace it. Just be the best version of yourself and always dress according to your body shape.

2. Wear Fitted Clothes

Loose and baggy clothes won’t do anything to accentuate your body and instead will add an illusion of kilos to your body. Always wear fitted clothes no matter what size you are. Too loose and too tight clothes are strict no-no. Wear well tailored and well cut clothes that accentuate your best attributes.

3. Balance Out Your Top to Bottom

Palazzo Pants

If you like baggy shirts, then wear them, but with fitted denims to balance out your top to bottom. If you are going for palazzos or flared pants, your upper wear should be well fitted.

4. Invest in Good Undergarments

What you wear under your clothes is just as important as the clothes themselves. Make sure your undergarments that you are wearing fit you well. This will help you accentuate your curves and enhance the overall outfit a lot more.

5. Add 1-2 Statement Pieces to Your Outfit

Whenever you get ready, try to incorporate 1-2 statement pieces to your whole look. These can be anything from cocktail rings, necklaces, stilettos to an oversized bag.

6. Invest in Classic Jewellery

aishwarya rai earrings

Small diamond studs or an elegant string of pearls are truly timeless. You can never go wrong with them. Invest in these kinds of pieces to give your wardrobe a timeless appeal.

7. Belt it Up

plus size dress

A belt that emphasizes the smallest part of your torso can actually give an appearance of hourglass figure by accentuating the waistline. So, investing in 4-5 different styles of belts can be a great idea.

8. Stick to Classic Prints

Trends are fickle, they come and go, but there are some prints that never go out of fashion. Checks, florals, animal prints or stripes are such prints that have always been here, and are definitely not going anywhere.

9. Always Dress Up

kate middleton blue dress

The thing about classic beauties is that they always dressed well and that made them look elegant with timeless appeal. Even if you are going grocery shopping, never forget to always dress nicely.

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