8 Amazing Pre-Bridal Services at Lakme Salons

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Every bride deserves to be pampered and everyone wants to get it done by the best. Lakme Salons are spread all across India and they provide some amazing services for the brides. You can get your skin ready before the wedding and also can get your makeup done there. In today’s post, I will tell you about 8 pre-bridal services that Lakme Salons offer.

8 Amazing Pre-Bridal Services at Lakme Salons

1. On-the-Go Bride

This 5 hour long salon service is for the super busy women who have extra time to spare before the marriage. You will need to spend 5 hours in one day at the salon and indulge in the quick yet super luxurious experience. It involves waxing, threading, bleaching, manicure, pedicure and a hydrating facial. They also wash and dry your hair as a part of this package.

2. Pre-Bridal Express

Therapist waxing womans leg at spa center

This is an another one day long program for all those who cannot give more time. It includes a bridal consultation session and basic waxing and threading rituals. You will also get manicure and pedicures done. You will get a de-stress spa and a hydrating facial along with face and neck de-tan.

3. The Sapphire Bride

This gives a quick makeover to the brides within a week. You need to give two sittings in a week to be ready for the big day ahead. This includes threading, waxing and aromatic manicure and pedicure. You will also get a body spa and hair spa service in this package. It also includes neck, back and face-bleaching. The best part is the Moroccan liquid gold facial which pampers the skin with argan oil and makes it even-toned and glowing.

4. The Emerald Bride

Female feet at spa salon on pedicure procedure

This package includes three sittings over two weeks. It relieves the stress of the brides and nourishes the skin. It includes threading for face and bleaching the whole body. You will get argan oil waxing, chocolate manicure and pedicure and includes a full body spa as well. The facial provided as a part of this package is Luminance 3+ ritual which reduces spots, adds radiance and prepares the skin for the wedding day. You can also get the hair cut and styled by an expert as a part of the package.

5. Ruby Bride

This is a great option for all those who want to start the preparation a month ahead. It includes 3-4 sittings. It includes all basics provided in the Emerald bride package and also Brazilian and bikini waxing. It includes three facial treatments- a berry cleanup, a marine hydrating masque and the luminance facial. It also provides a special treatment for the hand and feet. You will also get a body massage and spa for complete pampering session.

6. The Diamond Bride

Woman getting facial mask .

It is an another indulging treatment that lasts for 4-5 weeks. It includes nearly everything covered in the Ruby Bride program. It includes a special gold collagen masque for the face along with intense whitening facial. It also includes whole body waxing and bleaching. You will get special hair massage and treatments too. Lastly, it includes a bridal consultation session to clear your beauty and makeup doubts.

7. Pre-Bridal Skin

This is a separate package just for your skin. You can select packages of 15 days, 30 days or 45 days depending on the budget and time you have in hand. These packages take care of your facial needs, your waxing and threading rituals and also manicure and pedicure. You can also get body massage and body spa treatments in these packages.

8. Pre-Bridal Hair

In the barbershop

This is a separate plan for hair care and you will get beautiful, glossy, shiny and healthy hair before your wedding. This one also has separate 15 days, 30 days or 45 days plan. All the plans include basic wash, hair cut, cysteine infusion and spa. The 30 days and 45 days treatments include various oil massages, health boosts, shining and streaking.

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