8 Best Products from Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup was one of my finest finds last year. I absolutely loved how beautifully they have done their makeup like. It is flawless. Here’s are some of the best products from the brand and hopefully will help you pick your favs in case you are just starting up! 🙂

1. Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base : I had 4-5 samples of this one, I used them all up. Cannot wait to get hold of the full bottle. 🙂

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Rating : 5/5

2. Burberry Effortless Eye Kohls : I have finished using the twist up one..like finished using it up. 😛 And almost halfway through the sharpenable version. They are creamy rich, intense and really effortless.

Burberry Elderberry No 5 Effortless Blendable Kohl Review7

Check out the colors

Rating : 4.5/5

3. Burberry Fresh Glow Compact Luminous Foundation : I have majorly hit pan on it and I cannot stop using it still. That is how much I loved using it. One of the best powder foundations I have used.

Rating : 4.9/5

4. Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation : If you like medium coverage foundation that looks natural on the skin, Burberry has just a dream product for you. This foundation would give life to your skin!

Burberry fresh glow foundation review, swatch

Rating 5/5

5. Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream : I am literally squeezing out last bits from this tube. But this I’d recommend to people who have good skin to start with and have normal to dry skin. This is luminous skin dream!

Burberry fresh glow bb cream
Rating : 4/5

6. Burberry Lipsticks : Pigmented, long staying, creamy, gorgeous…just everything you’d want in your lipsticks. They have different finishes in their lipsticks but no matter what you pick, their lipsticks are flawless You HAVE to try these out!

Shades : 

Rating : 5/5

7. Burberry Blush : Whether you are a pro at blush or just starting out with blushes, Burberry would never fail you with the satiny silky texture they have got to their blushes. They are powder blushes but they never look powdery or overdone! Sheer perfection.

Rating : 5/5

8. Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow : Don’t get misled by the same. It is totally not sheer. a dreamy creamy eyeshadow that goes on effortlessly on the lids. I want to pick more shades!

Rating : 5/5

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