7 Ways to Add a Traditional Touch to Your Modern Outfits

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I believe India would top the list of countries that value their traditions and roots the most. We have embraced the western fashion so well, but we never fail to give these ultra-modern outfits an Indian touch. These little additions remind us of our culture, diversity, and traditions which connect us with our roots. Let’s check out what we can add to our simple outfits to give them a traditional touch.

1. Juttis

It is a traditional Indian footwear which is popular in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, and in other neighboring regions. In olden times, Juttis were made with leather and very extensive embroidery was done on them with real gold and silver threads. Now, that the time has changed, Juttis have also changed but the essence of their beauty has remained the same. Youngsters are very fond of juttis as they complement their kurtas and denims a lot. The famous types are Tilla Jutti, Patiala Shahi Jutti and Mojaris. Check out a picture of Mira Kapoor flaunting her adorable juttis.

2. Lac Bangles

beautiful lac bangles
These beautiful and colorful bangles hail from Rajasthan. Rajasthani women look so edgy wearing the lac bangles with their traditional clothes. You can always spot tourists buying these in heaps from the local markets in Rajasthan. The beauty of these bangles lie in their craftsmanship. Wear them with any kind of outfit and their colorfulness will enhance your beauty in a jiffy.

3. Phulkari

phulkari dupatta
Phulkari means flower work. It is a delicate embroidery which, in olden times, was worn especially for the occasions like wedding and other related ceremonies. But today, phulkari is blossoming again. Modern brides are opting for phulkari while youngsters carry phulkari stoles and scarfs.

4. Kolhapuris

kolhapuri chappal
These ethnic chappals are hand crafted, and a vegetable dye is used to tan the leather. Kolhapuri slippers originate from a village called Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Kolhapuris look very stylish and give an earthy feel to any outfit, including dresses, palazzos, and jeans.

5. Chikankari

chikankari dress
This intricate feminine embroidery has a Mughal background. It is believed that chikankari was introduced by the mughal emperor Jahangir’s wife, Nur Jahan. It is Lucknow’s pride. Several days of hard work and dedication go into every piece of chikankari cloth. These days, from kurtis in modern silhouettes to dresses, everything is available in this form.

6. Waist chains (kamarband)

gigi hadidIt is believed that waist chains were originated in India around some 4000 years ago. We were quite fashionable back then also! 😀 Well, from ancient period till now, the designs of waist chains have changed a lot. Not just married woman but young girls also flaunt this beautiful piece of jewellery when they wear chic sarees. In fact, many foreign celebs are spotted with this beautiful and traditional jewellery.

7. Nose Rings

silver nose ring
Nose piercing is still an integral part of weddings in India where the bride is supposed to have her nose pierced, and then her maternal uncle gifts her a nath. When you wear a nose ring, it makes your face look extremely attractive. Even guys pierce their nose these days; I recently noticed Ayushmann Khurrana has got his nose pierced too. Wear anything but with a cute little nose ring; this way, you can add that Indian touch to any outfit.

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