All About Hair Lamination

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We all are well aware of paper lamination. Hair lamination is a newbie in the market. The way paper lamination helps in preserving documents and restoring damaged paper by plastic coating, the same way hair lamination is a very popular Russian technique of restoring damaged hair. The damage can be due to any factors including sunrays, hair coloring, hair straightening techniques etc.

All About Hair Lamination3

Hair lamination is a perfect solution for damaged hair. It even solves the problem of brittle, rough hair and split ends. Lamination creates a protective film around each hair, which covers it and smoothes, all the roughness in its structure. This coating makes your hair look healthy, shiny and adds additional volume.


Hair lamination is a process in which your hair is sealed using various lamination products available at the salons. Then, your hair is left with the mask on for some time and washed after that. We can also perform this lamination at home with really inexpensive ingredients. I’ll be sharing a simple lamination mask that can be prepared at home with ease.

Benefits of Hair Lamination:

• In hair lamination, each strand is covered with a film providing protection against curling, straightening, heating, hot and cold weather. In turn, you are left with healthy, beautiful and fuller hair.
• It provides instant volume and thickness to hair and leaves them shiny.
• Lamination also helps in preserving hair color, if any. So, your hair color lasts longer.
• It helps in strengthening the hair by forming a collagen coating.

How Often Can You Laminate Your Hair?
After all the goodness of hair lamination, the big question is how often can you get your hair laminated. If we are visiting salons for this treatment, then I would not suggest more than once a month owing to it being expensive as well the use of various chemicals in the process.

However, if you are laminating your home at home by using simple ingredients, then I would recommend following it twice or thrice a month.

DIY Hair Lamination Mask and Procedure:

The most important and the basic ingredient to be used for a mask is Gelatin. Since it contains protein from the collagen of domesticated animals, it forms the nutritive base. Using gelatin is far cheaper and has better than store bought chemicals in the long run. Gelatin contains many proteins that repair and restore hair. If you use gelatin-based masks 2-3 times a month, you will have stronger and healthier hair.


All About Hair Lamination1

• Unflavored Gelatin
• Olive Oil/Almond Oil
• Aloe Vera Gel
• Milk


• Boil 5 tbsp. milk and add 1 tbsp. gelatin powder to it and mix until fully dissolved.
• Cool the mixture a bit.
• Now add 1 tbsp. olive oil or almond oil (whichever is available).
• Mix 1 tsp. of Aloe Vera gel to the gelatin mix.
• Now, wash your hair using a mild shampoo and warm water. Do not use conditioner for the cuticles to stay open.
• Apply the gelatin mask to washed hair. Comb after application. This will help in spreading the mixture to all the strands of hair and remove the excess amount.
• Put a shower cap and leave hair to dry for 35-40 minutes.

All About Hair Lamination

• The gelatin should not completely dry up, as it leads to stiffness.
• Now, wash hair using warm to hot water, so the gelatin melts and no residue is left in hair.
• You can use a mild shampoo and conditioner for washing.
• Follow this procedure twice or thrice a month for good results.

This is such a wonderful and inexpensive way to restore your damaged hair! I am definitely going to laminate my hair the coming weekend.

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  1. I have never heard about this technique. Sounds really interesting. Have never put gelatin to my hair, don’t know how my hair would react to it. Do share how it turned out for you.

  2. Wow this is such a new concept. Hair lamination is done to repair damaged hair? If this is so, the process of professional lamination requires lot of harmful chemicals. Won’t they harm hair too? But this DIY seems like a good thing to start off with. Very informative post 🙂

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