Eye Makeup: Soft Smokey Eyes- Makeup Tutorial

Despite of the phenomenal obsession of women all over the world with Smokey eyes, I have still seen many women shying away from them.

Either they find the black smokey eye look-

  • too bold or
  • too stark or
  • too dark or simply,
  • too much!

Also, some of my friends who have small or deep set eyes also complain about smokey eye look. The stark black shadows may make small or deep set eyes look even smaller and like two black balls.

So I thought of this soft, black smokey eye look which will help brighten small/deep set eyes and also give that coveted smokey look.

Also the women who find the use of black shadow difficult can benefit from this tutorial.

I am using:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow in “Midnight Cowboy rides again”
  • Maybelline Chai latte Quad
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

Tools you’ll need-

  • A flat eye shadow brush
  • A fluffy e/s blending brush

To finish the look, I have used-

  • MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy blush in Soft candy
  • Maybelline Watershine Gloss in Caramel Cream

Let’s start-

1. This look is pretty simple.

2. Prep and prime your face. Apply concealer and foundation. Set it with a powder. I have skipped foundation. Using Maybelline Compact powder only.

smokey eye prep and prime your face
smokey eye prep and prime your face

3. With a flat concealer brush/fingers apply the primer on entire lid.

smokey eye apply shadow
smokey eye apply shadow

4. With a flat shadow brush, apply a shimmery cream/silver or any light coloured shadow on the entire lid right upto brow bone.

smokey eye blend
smokey eye blend

5. Do up both the eyes and blend to ensure even application.

Both Eyes
Both Eyes

6. Apply the Outer corner Colour from the Chai Latte Quad (Any dark brown Crease Colour) in the crease and outer corner, and blend well.

smokey eye chai latte quad
smokey eye chai latte quad

7. Apply a thin line with Maybelline Gel liner on the upper and lower lash line and smudge it lightly before it dries. Wing out the liner on upper lash line. You can also use liquid liner for this purpose. I have deliberately avoided the use of eye pencil, as the point is to provide a definition to the lash lines.

8. The lines will not smudge entirely, so will add definition. Gel liners can be blended a bit, So it will add the smokey effect.

smokey eye blend gel liner
smokey eye blend gel liner

9. Ensure a thin line on the upper lash line, So that the light, shimmery shadow is visible on the lid.

10.  Do up both the eyes.

smokey eye both eyes
smokey eye both eyes

11. Apply the highlighter colour from the Maybelline Chai latte Quad in the inner corner of the eye.

smokey eye highlighter
smokey eye highlighter

12.  Curl lashes and apply lots of mascara. Fill in your eyebrows and accentuate the brow arch.

smokey eye apply mascara
smokey eye apply mascara

13.  The Urban Decay eye shadow is highly reflective. But it is also quite sheer. You can actually see my lids. You can use a more opaque shade if you like.

14.  One more-

smokey eye finishing touches
smokey eye finishing touches

15.  Finish the smokey eye look with a warm blush and nude, glossy lips.

smokey eye final
smokey eye final

I hope you all liked the smokey eye tutorial. 🙂

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70 thoughts on “Eye Makeup: Soft Smokey Eyes- Makeup Tutorial

  1. Hey Mrun……………..good to see you back…. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: ….lovely, simple, and such a wearable look…… :-))

    1. Isn’t it Rati??? I loved the colour:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:… It works great as highlighter too.. I hate stark white highlighters…

      @cali… Pls do an eye look…

      1. me too, M. Thye just don’t match my skin tone as well. :((

        And Cali is pretty good with her makeup. She knows how to do :vampire: makeup :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire:

          1. I made a video, but donno how to edit and cut down the boring stuffs!! 🙁 Guess I’d have to send the photo tutorial!! ..And the video has all come bluish..for donno what reason!! ….Have to do it again I guess!! :-(( … And I’ve got 3 pimples on my faceee…grrrrrrrrrrrr :pissedoff: pissedoff: pissedoff: pissedoff:

            1. Hi cali…i m sending u :hammer: or :pill: use either of it..for u’r pimpos…but send the tutorail pics sooooon.. 🙄 🙄

  2. Hi everyone! I’ve been a lurker.. never commented much except for a coupla times maybe.. and Mrun this look is awesomeeee! I have large eyes and whenever i do smokey eyes i look like a racoon!!!! :-/ :beatup: :beatup: :panda: :panda:
    Could you also maybe do a smokey eye look with matt finish, i mean without shimmer, that we can carry off for office… tried everything! Bought so many palettes but nothing works! Woe is me! :-((

    1. You can check out some of the previous tutes.. There is a neutral colours look as well as the brown smokey eyes by Rati.. Both will help you out!!

  3. Mrun..cannnnnot believe I almost missed this post 😯 😯 😯 You are back and wowwwww :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* Loved your easy tutorial, as always, and so happy to see you back and healthy…kicked out dattee yellow fever :victory: :dance: :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. Datty yellow fever is ancient history re….

      So glad you liked the tute… It’s a safe one.. Very difficult to mess up…

  4. yay! sooooo pretty this is!!:D:D i saw this post early morning when i was half asleep then pictures were not opening. :D:Di loved it!! you cant go wrong with something like this! :):) perfect!! :-* :-* :-*

  5. nice…. definitely worth a try for beginners! like moi… i too shy away from dramatic smokey eyes!

    you playing solitaire on the comp before starting on this tut kya?

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