Aqua Eyes Makeup, Braids and Tutorial

aqua eyes makeup

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I was playing with some of the new makeup in my kit and I created this look. I have done this look before too but thought I’d shoot a tutorial for you all. Plus I got braids. 😀 So you know… 🙂 Hope you have fun checking out this post. 

aqua eyes makeup

Totally inspired by Khloe Kardashian braids. 😀


And here is a quick tutorial on how to create this eye makeup. Get your tools ready girls! :))

I have used Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Eyeshadow Palette. It is a limited edition but it turned out to be so good, I had to feature it on IMBB. 😀 there is a bit of fall out from some of the darker shades but I love the different textures in the palette. Makes it a major go-to. A good dupe of this palette would be Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette. You’d find a lot of colors in that palette too.

Let’s Start

  1. Start by prepping your eye and apply a peach eyeshadow on and above the crease. I have used MAC Samoa Silk. It is a transition color and would help blend the eyeshadows seamlessly.
  2. Pat a dark shimmery brown color on the lid.
  3. Now take a matte pale mauve color and blend it in the crease.
  4. take a teeny bit of matte black eyeshadow and apply it right on the outer crease area and blend it. This is to create more definition.
  5. Now take a pale matte cream eyeshadow and apply on the brow bone area. You can also use a shimmery eyeshadow if you prefer.
  6. Now using a pencil or a small flat brush apply a aqua blue eyeshadow on the lower lash line.
  7. Finish off with a winged eyeliner, mascara and falsies (if you prefer). Also apply some kohl on the waterline..very lightly.
  8. and you are done! 🙂

aqua eye makeup tutorial

Products Used : (everything is linked to the respective review)
Face :

Eyes :

Lips :
L’oreal Lipstick Silky Toffee mixed with a brick brown lipstick from Chantecaille.

Nails : Lakme nail paint no 27

And these two art sticks are also limited edition – Harlow red ( a medium tomato red) and Electric Pink (a beautiful soft pink). You may read detailed review of Bobbi Brown Art Stick HERE.

bobbi-brown-art-stick-harlow red



26 thoughts on “Aqua Eyes Makeup, Braids and Tutorial

  1. This is such a playful but edgy look Rati, which most of us cannot pull of. But you are to rocking it as usual. I love those Khloe Kardashian braids especially; they look so cute! I am loving this eye tutorial idea, it’s actually very helpful. :-*

  2. Im trying to figure what to say first!! 😉

    Loved the braids! Really nicely done. Honestly, Ive been wanting to do braids for almost a week now and haven’t gotten around to it. Right now, i feel totally inspired!

    That palette looks so neat – lovely shades and so compact.

    That hint of aqua on the lower lash line – that too paired with the nail paint – totally inspired! You rock girl! (BTW – what nail paint is that??)

    Did i tell you that i finally tried falsies last month? LOOOOOOVED it! they can make everything so instantly glam! I picked up a few more to experiment with and figure out what works better for my eyes!

    1. hihih i got obsessed seeing khloe kardashian braids. i had to give them a try and loove them. 😀 😀 oh yes! falsies make a lot of difference but they need so much patience. phew!!

      just added the np color in the post above for everyone. 😀

      thank you :))

  3. I’m so loving the turquoise/mint accents <3 It's such a refreshing colour! You look gorg as usual 😀 😀 LOVE the earrings! 😀 Super cute! And the braids! I can never do these braids w/o hurting my hands :p

  4. Aww the braids I was thinking of trying them as well but seriously dun have guts to sport them :hats off you made them luk gorgeous I tell you its better than kadarshian own braid seriously! thanks for the hands on tute too.. it will help us to prctise and achieve results yaya!!! 😀 Totally love your makeup and simplicity in telling sharing everything.. stay blessed 🙂

    1. you should give these a try for sure neetu. they’d look so much fun on you :)) and do give this tute a shot. I am sure you’d d full justice to it!! 🙂 thanks a ton! :))

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