Avon Anew Clinical Derma Full Facial Filling Serum Review

Avon Anew Clinical Derma Full Facial Filling Serum Review


I purchased this serum when it was on offer. I gifted this to my mom. Usually my mom is not a creams & lotions person but I insisted her on using this one. This one is newly launched and I was pretty much impressed by the tall claims. :thumbsup:

About the Product: 

The serum bottle comes in a white & grey rectangular box. It comes in a very attractive transparent pump bottle with a silver metallic cap both at the top & bottom. The pump also has a transparent cap over it. The contents are really very attractive. When seen against light, the serum emanates a bluish glow. It is somewhat transparent with another greyish blue serum at the center that resembles a spiral ribbon.

avon anew clinical dermafull

Avon Claims: :announce:

There is a leaflet inside the box that has the details of the main ingredients written in different languages. Avon claims it is the injectable-grade facial filler used by dermatologist, in a topically applied serum.

• This ultra-concentrated lightweight serum is specially designed with a unique helix formulation which contains a dermatologist grade hyaluronic acid, a proven injectable filler.
• In just three days , it begins to reduce the look of wrinkles to give skin a smoother, younger look.
• Overtime makes your facial features look more contoured, sculpted & uplifted.

How To Use:
Every evening smooth over cleansed face and neck. If tingling occurs, wait for 15 minutes after cleansing or use more sparingly.

avon anew2
Price Factor:
The M.R.P. is Rs. 1100 for 30 ml. But I bought this at a discounted price of Rs.850.

It’s got a sought of chemical smell…can’t really distinguish it.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Mom’s Experience:

This serum does give a slight oily look on application. But since this has to be applied only at night, this oiliness doesn’t bother so much. Also, it gives a very slight tingling sensation on application….esp. if one has dry skin. After 3 days, my mom’s skin did look smoother but not taught as claimed by Avon. But maybe that will happen with time. As of now my mom is just loving this serum because it is giving her skin a nice dewy glow even during daytime. So ladies looking out for an option other than dermal fillers…just try this out. :yes: :thumbsup: My mom just couldn’t thank me enough for gifting her this product. 😀 😀 😀

Pros of Avon Anew Clinical Derma full Facial Filling Serum:

1. Is effective in making the skin glow & look more refined & smoother.
2. Doesn’t breakout (I tried using this myself for three days, but this didn’t break me out).
3. Better than getting oneself injected.
4. Comparatively cheaper than dermal fillers.
5. Does not irritate sensitive skin.

Cons of Avon Anew Clinical Derma full Facial Filling Serum:

1. Price is slightly on the higher side.
2. Available only through Avon representatives.
3. Have to use regularly & for a longer time for the actual results to show.
4. Makes skin look oily.
5. Only active ingredients mentioned.

My Rating:4/5(one less for price)

Will I Buy Again?
Definitely, just waiting for an offer.

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13 thoughts on “Avon Anew Clinical Derma Full Facial Filling Serum Review

  1. It’s so good it works, Dimpi!
    Of course it will be very good for those with dry skin. And I like the spiral blue ribbon!!! :teddy:

    1. yep samantha…this really works..i wont say its like magic…but yes..its good….esp for dry skin ppl :thumbsup: ….n i find the spiral blue ribbon very fascinating in fact…. :giggle:

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