Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack

Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack

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Today, I will be reviewing one of my least favourite face packs, the “Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack.”  Read on to know what I like and dislike about the same.

Ayur Tulsi Anti Bacterial Face Pack

Product Being Reviewed:

Ayur Tulsi Anti-bacterial Face Pack.


INR 40 for 100g of the product.

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Shelf Life:

3 years from the date of manufacture.


Multani mitti, Calamine powder, Kaolin and Tulsi leaves powder.

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Product Description:

Tulsi is an anti-bacterial face pack which can be used for all skin types. It cleanses the skin and reduces excessive oil. Provides a natural glow to the skin.

Directions For Usage:

Apply all over cleansed face and neck. Use at least once a week.


For the pack to have an even affect, don’t laugh or talk while the pack is drying.


It comes in a transparent plastic pouch, encased in an outer paper box.

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Color and Texture:

It looks like how all mud packs do, save for the fact that it is quite grainy. The texture is not smooth.


It has a very strong herbal smell.

My Experience with Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack:

I got this one and the Neem face pack for trial purpose. I must say, neither am I totally satisfied nor am I totally disappointed with this one.


Let me start with the positives of the product first. It does what it claims, that is reducing excessive oil from the face. I have very oily skin and after using this pack, my skin stays oil free for 4-5 hours. Secondly, it dries off quite fast. I was surprised at that because I thought it would take ages to dry since it is so grainy. Thirdly, as per the instructions given on the outer pack, I took only one tablespoon of the powder, but it was more than enough for my face. I could use it twice. So given the quantity, it would last for a long time and given the price, its very economical.

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Now, coming to the negative points. The smell is so strong that it gives me a headache. I was waiting desperately for the pack to dry so that I could take it off and get rid of the horrible smell. Since the texture is grainy, its not easy to mix the powder with water. It never forms an uniform mixture and neither is it easy to apply. My major problem was removing it. I don’t know how many cotton swabs I wasted in removing this. Personally, I don’t have a lot of patience. I like my face packs to come off pronto as soon as I rub a wet cotton swab on my face. Most of them do come out in a jiffy, even the homemade masoor dal pack my mom makes, but this one took a lot of my time and effort to get removed.  The strong smell plus the time it takes to come off are enough for me to stay away from this, although it keeps my face oil free for quite some time, I rarely use it.

Let me sum up the pros and cons of the product for you:

Pros of Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack:

  • It contains natural ingredients like multani mitti, tulsi leaves and kaolin.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It keeps my face oil free for 4-5 hours.
  • It does give a temporary glow to my face.
  • It dries off easily.
  • One tablespoon of the product is enough for the face and neck, so this pack can be used around 20 times.
  • Ayur products are easily available across India and this pack is available in other variants like neem, mint, sandal, cucumber and rose.

Cons of Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack:

  • The smell is very strong.
  • The texture is grainy, so mixing with water and application on the face are not easy.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to come off.
  • Though it doesn’t claim, I was expecting it would remove the blackheads on my nose, but it did not.

Will I Purchase Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack Again?

No, I definitely would not and I am not sure whether I will be able to finish this one.

Will I Recommend Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack?

Only to those who would not mind the smell and have the time and patience to remove it.

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2 thoughts on “Ayur Tulsi Anti-Bacterial Face Pack

  1. some facepacks have to be just washed off with water. not cotton swabs. If you want it to come off easily …make a thin paste and apply. Its a good product though all of them are not very diffrent.. Its pretty much 90%of multani mitti packaged and sold off as a tulsi pack, neem pack and so on. It’s ok for once in a while.

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