Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads – Review



Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads

By Soundarya Ps

There are no malls or stores where I live and I usually order all my stuff online.I had been loving the rose water by Avera reviewed by Jomol and had no doubts while ordering these cotton pads from the same brand.I have been using it quite a long time and thought I would review it for you girls.

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Product Description:

Avera Cotton Pads are multi-purpose and can be used for applying makeup and removal of makeup.The pads have interwoven cotton layers for extra softness.Ideal for make-up removal,applying cleansers,astringents and lotions.Perfect for lint-free nail polish removal.


Simply add cleansing lotion or any other makeup remover onto the pads.Now,wipe away makeup from your face and neck in gentle,circular movements.Dispose after use.


Rs.149/50pads(Now price hiked to Rs175!)

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My take on Bare Essentials Avera round cotton pads:

These pack of 50 round cotton pads come in cardbox type packagaing which is not so good looking.The cotton pads are kept in a normal fragile package which is surely a con.I would have preferred atleast pull-string type package.I feel it is a must to transfer the contents to an air-tight container considering hygiene issues.Just now,I came to know that it is available in jar type containers also.

These cotton pads are extremely fluffy.It is smooth on one side and textured on the other side.One pad is enough for toning my face and neck.They are very gentle on the skin and can be used as eyepads too.It can be used for removing nail polish also.

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I had been using it for toning purpose along with the avera rose water and I must admit that it does its job effectively.It removes even minute dirt particles after cleansing.I am impressed and extremely happy with this product.

Let me sum up the pros and cons.

Pros of Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads

1.Very gentle on skin.
2.Can be used for eye masks also.
3. Great Texture.
4. Good Quality.

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Cons of Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads :

  • Poor packaging
  • I feel it is quite expensive because TBS cotton pads are available for Rs255/100pads.

Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads (3)

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5( -.5 for packaging)

Will I recommend Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads  to others?

Yes,I love this product.But,I feel like trying TBS cotton pads next time.Gals,you can give this a try since it is available in 25/50/100/200 pads also.:)


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19 thoughts on “Bare Essentials Avera Round Cotton Pads – Review

  1. NIce one Soundarya 🙂 … am addicted to such cotton rounds 🙂 i am pretty happy with the TBS onezz too.. but wldn’t mind chkin these out hehe :-)….they look pretty much the same though 🙂 are they made up of organic cotton ?? nyidea 🙂

    1. thanks nidhi…yes,i think so…but,it is not mentioned in much do the tbs retails the cotton rounds now for 100 pads?

  2. god job soundarya.. 🙂 cotton pads are a base of our everyday skin care and make up regime hw can one deny their imp in life!! I would search for avera rose water and cotton pads, they are really economical naa..

  3. Nice post Soundarya 🙂 Cotton pads are must for daily skin care routine.I have bella cotton pads.They come more in number for a lesser price.

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