Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs

Drugs are bad! It is bad for your skin, where it seems as if you did not have enough reasons to quit intake of drugs. At their heights of fame and success, these celebrities ruined it all, due to intake of drugs. Drugs can prove dangerous to your health as well as skin. They are dangerous and this is proven, when you see the before and after picture of some iconic celebrities, whom audience valued at some time.

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs

Courtney Love:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 2

Excess intake of cocaine and other such drugs made her look old and tired all the time. According to sources, she even continued taking drugs, while first trimester of her pregnancy, which would prove harmful to the baby. However, she was beautiful at time and now her face speaks age, even though, she is not that old.

Lindsay Lohan:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 3

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Lindsay Lohan managed it well in the beginning, as she stepped as a great child artist. As the year passed, the craze of Lindsay went all down due to her sagging skin and dull appearance. The negative effects of consuming cocaine clearly reflected on her face and it seemed that the drug addiction of Lindsay will take it all away from her.

Mischa Barton:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 4

Mischa Barton was not able to find a place and secure her future in the industry, which turned her head towards one of the dangerous addictions. She is no longer as beautiful as she looked. The excess cocaine made her gain weight, which destroyed her appearance all the way. If you love attending parties, stay away from this addiction.

Macaulay Culkin:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 5

Well, Macaulay Culkin is among the most famous personality from the Home alone series. He is a drug addict and the intake is on a great spree. He achieved great success after his home alone series, but lead his followers in great shock due to his die hard addiction. It has changed his face drastically and also drug was responsible in demise of his relation with Mila Kunis.

Whitney Houston:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 6

Whitney was one of the most famous faces during 90’s and after few years her stardom began to diminish. This was due to intake of excessive cocaine, which made her lose lots of weight which apparently destroyed her facial feature. However, Whitney died in an accidental drowning due to excessive intake of drug.

Amy Winehouse:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 7

Amy Winehouse died in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning. She is one among those, who developed the love for weed because she lived a life of a star. She lived a single life due to her bad reputation of smoking weed, cocaine and many such drugs. She died a premature death, due to alcohol and also had bloody bruises and marks throughout the body.

Kate Moss:

Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks Due To Drugs 8

Kate Moss is among those celebrity faces, who destroyed her future, reputation and face due to intake of excessive drugs. Kate appears old these days, this is due to her excess intake of cocaine. Once, a tabloid featured Kate snorting cocaine, but even after this, she never thought to quitting the habit. Kate slowly developed a bad reputation in the industry, as she is always high every time.

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  1. It’s unfortunate how some people ruin their lives with drugs. But then a lot of such celebs would look the same sans their makeup. :/

  2. My heart just broke when I see cute artist of Home alone become such drug addict… I’ve recently found that one of my previous colleague also use to take weed… all this things are really unfortunate .. I don’t knw what they find doing this 🙁

  3. I just couldn’t believe that that is the home alone guy 😮 These celebs looked so pretty.. but this addiction is really bad.. and totally shows up on the face 🙁

  4. It’s heartbreaking to see these celebs destroying their health, future and reputation. Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin were such graceful child stars and look at them now 🙁

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