Rohto Acnes Acne Sealing Gel

Rohto Acnes Acne Sealing Gel

Acnes Acne sealing gel

Weird name, right? I thought the same but the name served its purpose by attracting attention. I am always ready to try something which will help me get rid of my acne problem (oily skin, you see). However, I have realized there is no cure which works for everyone; if something works, it won’t work for a long time and if it works for a considerable time, your local chemist will stop stocking it. So, when I saw this Acnes sealing gel, I had to try.

What it Claims:
Mentholatum acne sealing gel is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory gel which penetrates deep into skin and kills the bacteria; suppresses the acne; controls excessive serum and cleanses the dead skin cells deeply with no pore clogging.

How To Use:
Squeeze enough gel on the finger and apply evenly on acne affected areas. It penetrates quickly and makes skin clearer and smoother.



What it Did For Me:

Rohto Acnes Acne Sealing Gel is sort of sticky. Like they claim, it is a sealing gel, so it forms a layer on top of the acne-affected area. The gel is neither very thick nor runny. It might not make sense, but the gel is colourless and opaque. It has a very strong smell, but when you apply it, the smell doesn’t linger on for long.


I stopped using everything else so that I could see what this gel could do on its own. It did nothing to reduce my problem. On the contrary, I woke up with a new zit. Yay? Now, I have been using it for more than a week-and-a-half and according to me, that’s more than sufficient time for an acne cure to at least start working.

Rs. 120 for 9 gms.

Pros of Rohto Acnes Acne Sealing Gel

  • A 2 gm pack is available if you want to try it (I cannot think of anything else to say).

Cons of Rohto Acnes Acne Sealing Gel

  • It didn’t reduce my acne problem.

Will I Buy it Again:

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15 thoughts on “Rohto Acnes Acne Sealing Gel

  1. Try Benzoyl peroxide treatment by Wallace… it has aloe vera in it so soothing too… my acne problem got over thanks to “Persol Gel from Wallace, Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%”..have tried bp of other manufacturers but they dint do the trick Wallace did.

    Try It!

    Good Luck 🙂

  2. Nothing worked for my acne before i started using derma prescibed ointmnets and lotions .I avoid buying anything else ..
    Your review reminded me the same..:)

  3. recently i had a break out ,i used their face wash and tht helped me a lot in reduction of pimple size and over all recovery !!

  4. Erytop cream might solve ur problem. It worked wonders for my acne. Now my face is clear. Whenever pimple pops out I use Erytop. You can get it from any medical shop. 🙂

  5. This happens often for me coz i get tempted with such products :stars: :headbang: :nonono: , until My skin condition got worse :yikes: nw i stick to Brevoxyl with 4% BP and nilac(for daytime application) :waytogo: .This helped a lot… :yahoo:

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