Best Faces Canada Lip Glosses Available in India

Best Faces Canada Lip Glosses Available in India

Today’s post if dedicated to sheer light lip gloss lovers, this brand has some light everyday glosses which are great for on top of lipsticks too. These are some of the best shades of lip glosses from Faces Canada, take a look.


Faces Glam On Lip Gloss 320

Get the color and vanilla flavour on your lips! Enriched with Vitamin E, it is engrossed with high moisturizing emollient that apart from adding diva factor to your personality nurtures your lips. It is easy to apply and leaves a trail of high shine lip gloss, so no need to add on shine. Moreover it leaves your lips fragrant with a slight flavour of vanilla, which all the way makes them more kissable.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss in Rose Petal

Rose Petal is decently pigmented. I just need to swipe it once on my lips for an appropriate color. I find this gloss to be moisturising. I have never felt the need to apply lip balm beneath it. This gloss doesn’t settle in fine lines. It hides the pigmentation of lips to some extent. The coverage is much more than sheer, but is not totally opaque. This gloss has fruity candy like fragrance which lingers on lips for some time. This gloss easily stays on my lips for 3-4 hours. I am quite satisfied with the staying power because no other lip gloss stays on my lips for more than 4 hours.


Faces Creme Matte Lipgloss in Radiant Red

It is creme matte lipgloss but there is nothing glossy about this product. But I like it for the fact that glosses don’t stay much on my lips. These are more of a matte lip creme with excellent staying power.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Apricot Fizz

Apricot Fizz is a completely matte, medium brown lip gloss. The gloss gives a wet shine kind of texture that I simply adore. The gloss is nicely pigmented and swiping once gives just a natural-looking shade on to the lips. I prefer swiping twice to build the color further. The matte coffee brown shade is perfect for daily wear and working ladies/college girls who prefer subtle yet an elegant look.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Candy Ice

This lip gloss though gives a hue of pink from the packaging, but after application it is almost transparent. It only adds a pinkish shine to the lips which can be carried either alone or over the lip colour. The texture of the gloss is not that super sticky kind, rather it is good enough to define the right consistency of an ideal lip gloss. Next fabulous thing about the gloss is the moisturizing power of the gloss. It doesn’t render dryness to your lips even after 1-2 hours of the stay on the pout.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Cherry Burst

The color is cherry red with golden shimmer. The shimmer shows up on the lips as well and it is not over the top. The shimmer actually makes the cherry red color look pretty on lips. The wand is convenient to apply on the lips. The gloss keeps the lips soft and smooth and does not make them sticky. So it feels comfortable to wear this gloss. The color shows up pretty well considering it is a gloss. I like the pigmentation.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Bubblegum

The packaging is much better than the previous translucent pack which was very ordinary. It is a peach shade, slightly on the pink side with very fine golden shimmers in it. The texture of the gloss is thick and creamy. It is sticky too, which is inconvenient while spreading on the lips. Also, it makes an unpleasant sticky-sound whenever I remove the cap. The pigmentation of the shade is not that good and you need to swipe it on your lips at least 3-4 times to get the exact shade. Due to this, it isn’t meant for people with highly pigmented lips.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Sheer Coral

t is very lightly pigmented. It goes on very sheer on lip, but I like the formula. It is creamy and moisturizing. I find it a little sticky though. I believe the moisturizing property is because of it. It comes almost colorless with a mild peachy hint on my lips. It doesn’t cover my pigmentation at all. If you are looking for coverage, this one is not for you.


Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss Dusky Beige

Dusky beige is like a creamy lipstick with super pigmentation and full coverage with very little of the product . The color is a nude orangy color almost nude if you use very little. This goes on lighter on the lips than it appears on the tube. So beware.The tube is very pretty to look at and is shiny neat . The applicator is nice and sturdy definitely and the mouth is screw form.


Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss in Honey Beige

Honey Beige is a light to medium brown colored gloss. It has micro shimmer particles in it. The shimmer is very appropriate and gives a nice sheen to the lips. It isn’t at all over the top. It gives a wet shine kind of finish. This shade is perfect for daily wear, for college girls and for office-goers. It is kind of my perfect nude color. It is my go-to gloss whenever I do heavy eye make up. It neutralises my look.

honey beige

Faces Canada Go Chic Lip Gloss in Raspberry

I could easily say that this is one of the best lip glosses I have ever owned. The color is pinkish and it has a certain orange tint to it. It looks very natural on the lips, and makes lips look fuller. It is so awesome at moisturizing lips that I can easily use this as a lip balm. Faces Canada offers all these lip glosses at such a reasonable price that you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket while buying one of these.



Faces Creamy matte lip gloss Peach pink:

It is a matte lip cream, so it cannot keep your lips shiny forever. (as per the claim).
The full name of the product is Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss . Well either it would be a matte lip creme or a lip gloss. Now it cannot be a gloss because gloss means something that adds shine.

Their lip creams are not technically glosses but I used to love them,most of the above glosses are very young college girl glosses or best topped on a have you tried any glosses from Faces Canada? Anything on our wishlist?

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