Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More Review

Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More Review

Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More Review

Being a newbie to makeup, I have been attempting to copy the simpler tutorials here and trying to replicate exactly. One of the tutorials I like the most on IMBB has to be Rati’s simple office makeup tutorial.

So, since the time I saw this tutorial, I have been on the hunt for a nude eye pencil and when I found this Beyu Lip Pencil on an online beauty store, I just grabbed it. Now, I may not have mastered it perfectly, but I have got a hang of it and it does make a difference when used to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Nude Lips

Also, it is a very good lip pencil.  I was scared to use it on my lips as it was way too light when I used the lip pencil all over my lips lightly.  I resembled a zombie! (no kidding, it made me look like a pale, bloodless haggard, maybe I can just scare the pesky kids downstairs sometime :P). Anyway, once I got over the initial dismay and put my lipstick on, my-oh-my, it came out beautifully.  The actual color was revealed as the lip pencil had neutralized my pigmented lips!

The Maybelline lipstick in “Bronze Orange” kind of looks more pink on me due to my pigmented lips and not the nice orange when you swatch it, but with this lip pencil, the true color came on and the best part was that it increased the lasting power of my lipstick. I never gave much thought to lip pencils before as for me I remember those horrible 90s wala makeup in bollywood movies where heroines would line their lips with a darker color and ewww, so never thought that with using the correct shade, it would so drastically transform the look as the lips are more defined now. Also, no bleeding of the color with this lip pencil on, which I face especially on my lower lip. So, I am totally sold on lip pencils.

Soft Liner



Rs. 475 ( got it for 28% off online).

Pros of Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More:

  • Can be used to highlight the brow bone and inner corners when you don’t want to look too made up and not use eye shadow to highlight.
  • Very good lip pencil especially for pigmented lips, just make sure it is not showing from beneath the lipstick as it would look odd.
  • Creamy and glides smoothly.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Increases the lasting power of lipsticks and also brings out their true color.

Cons of Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More:

  • As it is so creamy, sometimes it comes off in tiny lumps, especially when I am highlighting my brow bone. Does not bother me too much, but if you try to squish it while blending, it kind of does not blend properly then (what the hell am I trying to say, did you get me?)

IMBB Rating:


Would I Buy Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More?

If I do not find another better nude lip pencil, definitely.

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28 thoughts on “Beyu Soft Liner For Lips and More Review

    1. Thank you Raji, I got it from Actually there are 2 or 3 nude shades available I think. I just got this one thinking it will match my skin color but it is lighter than my skin color, but works anyway 🙂

  1. hey thanks….i look like a zombie too with a nude shade on my lips – but i like yr idea of using it as a highlighter on the brow bone – just picked mine online….that too for rs 427 only….

    1. Top it with a lipstick which you feel never shows up properly on your lips. Ya the highlighter trick I learnt it from Rati’s post I mentioned 🙂

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