BH Cosmetics Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set Review

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BH Cosmetics is a slightly underrated brand but I absolutely adore makeup brushes from this brand. I have already reviewed BH Cosmetics Party Girl Brush Set and love them to the core. So, I picked a few more brushes from this brand. Today, I am reviewing BH Cosmetics Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set. These brushes are really beautiful; keep reading to know more about these gorgeous make up brushes.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set

Price: 22 USD
Product Description:
Help your customers achieve smooth, precise makeup application with a designer touch using our Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set. The high-style selection of super-soft synthetic face and eye brushes in a gold-studded ivory cylindrical case is perfect for professionals as well as consumers. The protective hard case snaps closed for travel and adds a chic accent to any makeup table.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set packaging

Brushes Included:
1. Large Angled Contour Brush
2. Flat Buffing Brush
3. Precision Blush Brush
4. Angled Face Shader Brush
5. Pointed Foundation Brush
6. Large Concealer Brush
7. Domed Blending Brush
8. Fluff Shadow Brush
9. Tapered Blending Brush
10. Angled Shading Brush
11. Pencil Brush
12. Angled Liner & Brow Brush

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brushes

My Experience with BH Cosmetics Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set:

These brushes come housed in an ivory white cylindrical hard case made up of faux leather. I really love the studded pattern on the case. It looks so beautiful and equally luxurious. I am totally in love with this packaging. The case is pretty much travel-friendly but it is slightly heavy. It keeps my brushes clean and hygienic. The case has two straps with buttons on it sides, which fits tightly and makes this case fit for travel purposes.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set cover

The ivory white brushes with gold detailing look really beautiful. The dual colored bristles look quite different from usual single colored ones. The length of the brushes is neither too long nor too short; I find it just perfect to work with. Each brush has the brand’s tagline mentioned on it in gold fonts. There is a brush no. mentioned on each brush. The brushes are soft and fluffy. These are dense with good shapes to perform their job well. The brushes feel soft and gentle on my skin. It is quite easy to clean these babies. I clean my brushes using a baby shampoo. It takes a little long for these brushes to dry completely. The brushes retain their softness even after multiple washes. I have washed my brushes 3 times till now and I was quite amazed to see that there was no shedding of the hair. Not even a single bristle came off even after multiple washes. Overall, the quality is just great! Good job BH Cosmetics!

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush

The set contains six face brushes and six eye brushes. Let’s discuss each brush one by one.

1. Large Angled Contour Brush: This angled contour brush is very handy and dense. I am trying my hands on contouring nowadays and this brush has helped me a lot in achieving a chiseled look. This is surely a good and budget-friendly brush for proper contouring but still I love my Beauty Blender Micro Mini Sponges more.

2. Flat Buffing Brush: This is my favorite among all these brushes. There were two basic causes for picking up this brush set. One was its pretty packaging and other one was this buffing brush. It is perfect for powder and mineral foundations. It really works great in terms of stippling and gives a nice airbrushed effect. It is pretty ideal for a full coverage finish.

3. Precision Blush Brush: This round dome-shaped blush brush is dense and perfect for applying both powder and cream blushes. I am so much in love with cream blushes these days and this brush helps in giving an even and flawless finish to my application. I use this brush for applying bronzers also for a lovely sun-kissed look. It helps to spread the product evenly.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set face

4. Angled Face Shader Brush: This angled shader brush is good to create a soft and defused contour.

5. Pointed Foundation Brush: This pointed foundation brush is dense enough. The pointed edge helps in cover those hard-to-reach areas of the face easily giving a nice and flawless finish. Though, I do not prefer using foundation brush much, but I use it to blend my bb and cc creams and it really does its job very well.

6. Large Concealer Brush: This large and flat concealer brush is really good in blending the concealer. But, it feels pretty large at places and I use my regular eye shadow brush for concealing purposes. It blends those cream concealers beautifully without any creasing.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush face

7. Domed Blending Brush: This brush is fluffy and domed shaped. It works like a tapered blending brush for blending the eye shadows well.

8. Fluff Shadow Brush: This brush is somewhat like a regular eye shadow brush, which can be used for applying eye shadows.

9. Tapered Blending Brush: This fluffy tapered blending brush is my personal favorite. I love using it to blend my eye shadow. The fluffy brush blends eye shadows like a dream. This is simply classic and very useful.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set eyes

10. Angled Shading Brush: This angled brush looks quite innovative. It works better than a regular flat eye shadow brush and gives a better and precise application.

11. Pencil Brush: It helps in blending the eyeliner or eye shadow on my lower lash line evenly. I find it perfect to create those soft smokey eyes. It works nicely to smudge my eyeliner and gives a nice smoked-out effect. I use it for shading the crease of the eyelids beautifully.

12. Angled Liner and Brow Brush: This angled eyeliner liner and brow brush is nice and soft. It helps me to draw smooth eyeliner using gel eyeliner. Be it a cat eye or a winged eyeliner look, it helps in creating a perfect look. This small angled brush works nicely in filling the gap between the brows.

BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set eye

Overall, I really love this brush set to the core but I really wish that they added a spoolie brush too.

Pros of BH Cosmetics Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set:

• Beautiful and attractive packaging.
• Travel friendly.
• Variety of brushes.
• Bristles are soft and dense.
• Feels gentle on skin.
• Does their job well.
• Easy to clean.
• No shedding of hair.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Studded Couture12 Piece Brush Set:

• Takes a little long to dry completely (not actually a con).

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend BH Cosmetics Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set?
Yes to both.

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