BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Party Girl Brush Set Review

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Hello Beauties,

While searching for makeup brushes, I came across some really pretty brush sets in BH Cosmetics. It was love at first sight! The pretty metallic purple faux leather case that this brush set come in is so attractive.  After a bit of thinking, I picked up this beautiful makeup brush set under the sponsored product scheme of IMBB.  Here’s the review of Bh Cosmetics Party Girl Brush set.

BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Party Girl Brush Set

Product Description:
This gorgeous 14 piece set of cruelty-free brushes has everything you need and more to create a perfect face. Metallic mauve handles shimmer as you apply your favorite creams and powders. Must-have face, eye and lip brushes come rolled up in a matching metallic faux-leather case with snap closure for sleek storage and travel.


Retails at 19 USD.  I got this online for 2483 INR

My Experience with BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Party Girl Brush Set:

I would say the packaging of these brushes is adorable. The pretty metallic purple leather case looks girly and beautiful. The case has a snap closure. The two-toned brushes look pretty. The bristles are black in colour with pink tips. The handle is metallic purple and pink in colour with the brand name imprinted in black colour.

Bh cosmetics case

Overall, the packaging is chic, sleek and travel friendly. The quality of the brushes is good. The brushes are super soft and fluffy. The handles of these brushes are sturdy enough.  These brushes work pretty well with cream and powder products.

Brush set

This case contains 14 makeup brushes which includes face, eye and lip brushes. This brush set comes with so many eye makeup brushes. These brushes are so good at blending eyeshadows. I really love using these brushes. They feel so soft and gentle on the skin. I have been using these brushes for a month now. I have washed them 2 to 3 times, but these brushes have not shed a single bristle. I have been using these brushes so much, I am totally in love with them. Talking about every brush in detail below 🙂

Brush set brush names

1. Powder Brush: This large powder brush is so soft and feels so gentle on the skin and moves smoothly. This fluffy brush is good to apply loose powders all over the face and neck. The feel is awesome.

2. Angled Blush Brush: This brush is great for applying all types of blushes – cream and powder ones. It feels super soft and smooth on the skin. It is so good at blending blushes and imparting a flawless finish. This angled blush brush can be used for contouring also.

Face makeup brushes

3. Foundation Brush: This brush is quite thick but soft. I prefer to use this one for blending cream foundations. The feel is super soft. I sometimes use it to blend concealers.

4. Large Eyeshadow Blending Brush:  I use this brush for blending eyeshadows and also for blending away my concealers as well as highlighting and contouring. It is so good at blending.

5. Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is great for creating smokey eye look. It works great in applying eyeshadows at the outer corner of the eyes to the crease of the eyelids. It blends so nicely.

Brushes for makeup

6. Small Tapered Blending Brush: This brush is very good in blending the shadows. It blends out the eyeshadows so easily. It is great at applying eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelids.

7. Rounded Smudge Brush: This brush is thick and tapered. It is great for smudging the eyeliner and applying eyeshadow into the crease of eyelids.

Eye makeup brushes

8. Classic Eyeshadow Brush: This classic eyeshadow brush is a normal eyeshadow brush that is used for applying the eyeshadow all over the eyelid.

9. Small Eyeshadow Blending Brush: This is a small and fluffy brush that blends eyeshadows pretty well all over the lid.

10. Flat Smudge Brush: It works great in smudging the eyeliner to get the perfect smoked-out look.

11. Large Angled Liner and Brow Brush: This brush works great for applying winged eyeliner and filling up the brows.

12. Small Angled Liner and Brow Brush: It works great for more precised winged eye makeup or double winged eye liner and filling up the eyebrows.

13. Eye Detailing Brush: This is the smallest brush among all and it is great for highlighting inner corners of the eyes.

14. Lip Brush: The tapered lip brush is great for applying darker shades of the lipsticks more precisely.

Pros of BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Party Girl Brush Set:

  • Cute and adorable packaging.
  • Brushes are soft and fluffy.
  • Handles are long and sturdy.
  • Hair does not come off at all.
  • Very good at blending makeup.
  • The brushes are soft and smooth.

Cons of BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Party Girl Brush Set:

  • None.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Party Girl Brush Set?

Yes, definitely!

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