Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash Review

Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash

Hello to all you beauties :*

I am here yet again with a review but there is a little story behind why I purchased this product. So I was stuck in Uttarakhand when the floods and landslides were happening there for almost 15 days. Whole of my body got tanned very badly while I was walking towards the military camp which was about 30 kms from the area where we were staying. My skin tone is very uneven now so I was looking for such a body wash which can do little bit of lightening to my overall skin tone. I was browsing the internet to find one such product and my search ended on this one from Biotique. As I have heard good words from you guys about Biotique so I thought to give this a shot and here’s my review about it.


Product Description

This fresh-foaming, 100% soap-free gel is a blend of pure honey, winter cherry, galangal, coconut oil and soap nut, to cleanse and help brighten skin for a fresher, fairer, body finish. Lathers into rich suds that rinse off completely, without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance.


Price and Quantity:

INR 180 for 210 ml.


Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera), Kulanjan (Alpinia galangal), Neem (Azadirachtaindica), Ritha (Sapindusmukorossi), Madhu (Honey), Coconut Oil, Himalyan water Q.S..


It’s a typical Biotique packaging white bottle with green cap. And when you open it you’ll find that there is no additional filter inside there to prevent extra quantity coming out of the bottle.



3 years from the date of manufacturing.

My Experience with Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash:

When I opened the bottle I felt the biggest let down of it is in the packaging so I tried to slowly pour the product on my loofah and then I found that it doesn’t have a very thick consistency and you can easily get extra quantity out of the bottle. It is very clear kind of liquid and has a very mild and pleasing scent of herbs which refreshes up your senses instantly. I took a very less amount of the product on my loofah and it lathered immensely well and I can say that it was hard to get rid of all of the foam completely from my body. But when I applied it without the loofah, directly on the body then it didn’t lather that well. It is very moisturizing and my dry skin felt very smooth after I used it. Though it says that it is 100% soap free but I am sure that there is some chemical in it due to which it lathers that well. I have been using it from a month but there isn’t any sort of lightening on my body 🙁 for which I bought it! I am very much disappointed with the fact that it is just another body wash like Lux  but the pro is that it contains all herbal ingredients and is soap free. All and all nothing great but a herbal body wash, free from preservatives which works better on dry skin.



Pro’s of Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash:

• All herbal ingredients.
• Affordable price.
• Lathers well.
• Leaves skin smooth and nourished.
• Mild and pleasing fragrance of herbs.
• Best for dry skin.
• Organic.
• Preservative free.
• Soap free.


Con’s of Biotique Bio Honey Cream Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash:

• Packaging is not so good
• Runny consistency
• No visible lightening

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash?

May be some other body wash from Biotique which doesn’t claims to lighten the skin tone. I would like to try some other as this one had all good things for a body wash except for the Lightening part!

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16 thoughts on “Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash Review

  1. After reading your 1st 2lines my reaction was like awo! oh my GOD.. *scared* I hope you are fine now. Yes the packaging is not attractive at all *spank* *haan ji* *haan ji* I haven’t tried their product but it is a nice review. *thankyou*

  2. off the topic, but why did you remove search box from the page *shock* *shock* *shock* *shock* *shock*
    *waaa* *waaa*
    *nonono* *nonono* *nonono* *nonono* *nonono*

    1. ohh really!!!! i ws going thru IMBB frm office, i thot some prob in my connection thts y its nt showing.. but its really removed *shock* *nababana* *cry* *cry*

  3. I’m glad that you’re okay. It must have been a real nightmare.

    Thank you for the review; I may give this product a try in winter. I’m sorry I do not know of any good de-tanning products for the body, but I have heard that yogurt (dahi) is good for this purpose.

  4. Oh my goodness. So glad you are ok and are back. Must be an experience that you will live with your entire life. God’s grace that you are ok.

    About this product, too bad it didnt turn out quite as nice as u expected it to. I used to use a lot of biotique but have a new fascination for Oriflame these days.

    1. *nababana* oriflame is a complete disappointment for me.. Have used many products.. Staying power of all the lipsticks is not good nd even the skin concerned products doesn’t do much as they claim..

  5. Hi Ayushi. SO glad you are safe. I hope all is well now and you are not hurt or anything. Proud of you. 30 kms *scared*
    Also, try getting besan ubatn it helps *puchhi*

  6. Ohhhhh goshhh *cry* *cry* *cry* thank god nothing big happened to you *hifive* It would have been sooo bad na *headbang* i wish this product had worked out in its lightening claims then i would have pakka gotten it *happy dance*

  7. I wish there was such a product Saloni *secret*
    n yaa that would have been really bad.. Thank God mai bach gayi.. *jai ho*

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