Bollywood Actresses in Manish Malhotra Outfits

Bollywood Actresses in Manish Malhotra Outfits

This post is about a fashion designer who had brought about renaissance in how the typical hindi film heroine/actress appeared on screen and off screen.  He is one of the leading designers in Bollywood.  He has transitioned many of the Bollywood actresses from ugly ducklings to elegant swans. Not only is he famous for dressing up Bollywood stars like Urmila, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone (well everyone actually!), he is quite famous in Hollywood too. He has won many awards for his designs.  He is know as the King of pastels and all the other colors in between.  He makes all those subtle shades of pastels look glorious and regal.  His designs are awesome and droolworthy.  Let’s check out some of our Bollywood stars in Manish Malhotra designs:

1. Deepika Padukone: She walked the ramp for a Manish Malhotra show in this gorgeous outfit.


2. Katrina Kaif: She wore this beautiful saree when she appeared on the show “India’s Got Talent.”

Katrina Kaif in saree

3. Madhuri Dixit: The anarkali that I showed you in a previous post is designed by Manish Malhotra, wow!

Madhuri Dixit Pink Anarkali

4. Urmila Matondkar: One of the earliest actresses to have undergone “the Manish Malhotra effect,” that’s Urmila Matondkar.

Urmila in Manish Malhotra

5. Chitrangadha Singh: This is one of Manish Malhotra’s trademark colour and outfit.

Chitrangadha singh in Manish Malhotra outfit

6. Dia Mirza: Dia Mirza At Manish Malhotra’s Mijwan Fashion Show.

Dia Mirza Manish Malhotra

7. Amisha Patel also walking the ramp in a Manish Malhotra saree.

Ameesha Patel Manish Malhotra saree

8. Lara Dutta: She looks a million dollars in this beautiful Manish Malhotra outfit.

Lara Dutta

9. Karisma Kapoor: She is also a Manish Malhotra loyalist and carries off his designs with so much poise.

Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor Manish Malhotra outfit

10. Nargis Fakhri: The lady in blue!

Nargis Fakhri in Manish Malhotra outfit

11. Alia Bhatt: Another lady in blue!  err…black!

Alia Bhatt

12. Aishwarya Rai: An old picture of hers when she was walking the ramp for Manish Malhotra.

Aishwarya Rai

13. Parineeti Chopra: Walking the ramp for Manish Malhotra along with Urmila Matondkar.

Parineeti Chopra in Manish Malhotra outfit

14. Rani Mukherjee: Just one word – gorgeous!

Rani Mukherjee in saree

15. Kajol: Another actress who under “the Manish Malhotra effect.”

Kajol Manish Malhotra

16. Sridevi: The veteran actress is often spotted at events in Manish Malhotra saree.

Sridevi Manish Malhotra saree

Sridevi in saree

17. Anushka Sharma: Walking the ramp for Manish Malhotra.

Anushka Sharma

18. Priyanka Chopra: Yay for the green saree 🙂

Priyanka Chopra

19. Sonam Kapoor: She looked regal in a beautiful Manish Malhotra saree, I keep repeating this picture in my posts, because its my favourite 😛

Sonam Kapoor in saree

20. Kareena Kapoor: She does full justice to all Manish Malhotra outfits. The red saree and her wedding outfits were designed by him.

Kareena Kapoor in red saree

Kareena Kapoor wedding

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  1. I love MM’s outfits jomol.. *woot* *woot* I wish i wud ever wear such elegant sarees and outfits from MM.. *jai ho* *woot* *drool* *drool* Jomol this is the best article for me till date.. *preen*
    You knw am pretty interested in MM now a days as my bhai is going to walk down the ramp for him on coming 29th sept in delhi know.. *happydance* *happydance*
    I so wanna see my bro walking on ramp *specs* bt my bad i’ll have to seee only pics.. *cry* *cry*

  2. Manish would be sooo thrilled you know if i allowed him to design my wedding dress *nails* *nails* 😀 😀 😀 😀 errrr.. *headbang* *headbang* i mean I will be sooo thrilled you know if Manish Malhotra designed my wedding dress *happy dance* *happy dance* I wish it happens *drool*

  3. every outfit is so beautiful that it is difficult to select one…but i loved anushka’s dress *drool* *drool* hope i can ever have something like this *haan ji*

  4. Fab article Jomol!! It was so much fun scrolling down to the next outfit! Would love to own atleast one Manish Malhotra outfit ….a lovely saree OR a elegant salwar kameez like the black one Karisma is wearing! Its WOW!

  5. What a stunning post jomo. totally drooling over Kareena’s and deepika’s outfits. People don’t call him the call of king of bollywood for nothing *woot* *woot* *woot*

  6. Jomol!!! You are on a roll! *jai ho* All the outfits are extremely gorgeous. *powder* The makeovers Manish has given to all those bollywood actresses is sooo commendable. I mean, he waves his magic wand and turns even the plainest Jane into a princess. He is very talented. *clap* Great job again Jomol! *pompom*

  7. You know what Jomol di this is the best post among all the bollywood posts that you have posted *pompom* *woot* *woot* *woot* my god i was scrolling and telling this is the best… then scroll no this is the best lol *hihi* *hihi* superb man… loved diya mirza’s the most *drool* *drool*

  8. Mind blowing post Jomol…loved every single outfit my fav wld be Kk n Dia mirza.,,you hav put grt efforts to compile this post and everyone’s loving it too… *puchhi* *clap* *clap*

  9. MM changed the style in bollywood by styling Urmila in Rangeela and Karishma in Raja Hindustani … *haan ji*
    before that bollywood styles were meh.. *hihi*

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