Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair Review



Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair

How’s everybody doing today! And the Celsius is on the rise here in Calcutta..its awfully torrid!!

Today I will review a hair conditioner that I bought a few days back, which is from “Boots”. I had bought butterfly pea shampoo for black hair and along with it a conditioner called the “Boots Bergamot Conditioner” for greasy hair. Now, let me tell you the experience I had with it.


The conditioner comes in a soft see through plastic bottle with a white translucent flip-open cap. The color of the conditioner is light turquoise with hues of aqua marine and has bergamot and wheat germ oil extracts. The consistency is thick, mildly viscous. The smell isn’t something most of us would like, it’s very strong and very detergent-powder like. The bottle is of 600ml quantity hence carrying it around wouldn’t be that easy or smart , hence it’s better to dispense it off into a smaller container while you’re travelling somewhere.

Product description:

The conditioner has been specifically formulated for greasy hair. It is enriched with bergamot extract to help remove excess oil, whilst wheat germ oil smooths the hair. Use regularly to make hair feel soft , shiny and manageable. Non-build up formula.


My experience with Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair:

As mentioned before, this shampoo is made for greasy hair. But let me tell you, it could be used by all hair types. This is the conditioner I bought keeping in mind my mother’s hair type, as her hair are quite greasy. I used it once and it isn’t all that bad, it’s pretty good actually. Keep it on your wet hair for about 5-7 minutes then rinse it off thoroughly and you can feel /see the difference almost immediately. It makes your hair soft and manageable. My hair is medium – dry type but it has suited me well and I’m quite happy with it, not to mention my mother is satisfied with its results as well. The price isn’t too much when you consider the amount of product you are getting at that price, it’s quite decent. But the plastic bottle it comes in is too soft for travel purposes and also the cap is flip-open one, which is a few notches lower than the screw lids in case of the travel-friendly-quotient. The color is good, very delicious :p but, the fragrance is what I dislike, it’s too detergent-y. It doesn’t help in reducing frizz or tame the fly-aways but, but it does keep the hair soft and manageable.



550 INR


Shelf life: NA

Pros of Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair:

• Not so expensive
• Makes hair soft and manageable
• Non-build up formula
• Adds volume to hair
• Can be used by medium-dry hair types
• Consistency not so runny
• Decent quantity
• Has the goodness of bergamot and wheat germ oil


Cons of Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair:

• Availability problems
• Very very strong fragrance
• Not travel friendly pack
• Doesn’t tame frizz


IMBB Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair?

Yes I do…it’s a very good product, wouldn’t let you down.

Would I repurchase Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair?

Yes, I would.

Hope this review was helpful… See you next time… Until then, stay happy stay beautiful 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Boots Bergamot Conditioner for Greasy Hair Review

    1. Hehe… well what can I say So far I have loved every product from this brand!! 🙂 😀
      and hopefully more reviews would be coming. 🙂

    1. Hi Ila,
      but I think This is the only Boots product I’ve used that has a strong smell. I’ve found Others to have soft fragrances actually. 🙂 😀

  1. nice review!! i have been following all your Boots reviews!! waiting to lay my hands on dat hair mask you had reviewed!
    in kolkata, where do you get boots productss???me want it badly!!

    1. Hello shreya,
      So glad to know I could interest you in my reviews. You can get boots products at metro plaza, but the availability is an issue, it’s not on their racks all throughout the year. 🙁 🙁

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