Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish

Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish

A Little About The Product and What It Claims:

Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish

This body polish belongs to Boots Botanics range, which they have produced in collaboration with Kew. (Kew is the Royal Botanical Gardens in London that is spread over 121 hectares; awesome place, have been there. It is also an important botanical research and education institution. So, if they have authenticated the natural ingredients used in this body polish, then it should be good I presume).

The active ingredients in the polish are crushed Apricot Seed and Centella and these help to give soft and radiant skin, they claim. The crushed seeds lift away dirt and dead skin, while cocoa butter smooths and nourishes the radiant skin revealed. You need to apply to damp skin using circular movements and then rinse off thoroughly.



Natural – Prunusarmeniaca (Wild Plum – Apricot), Butyrospermumparkii (Shea Butter or nuts), Theobroma cacao, Prunus Dulcis (Almond), Centella asiatica (BarhamiBooti in Hindi).

Others – Aqua, cetyl alcohol, Paraffinumliquidum, Glycerin, Steareth 21, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Potassium hydroxide, Dipropylene glycol, maltrodextrin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Silica.


£3.83 for 200ml.


Pros of Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish:

– It has active plant extracts.
– It has Centella (Centella has been used since ages to treat skin conditions. The extract contains a complex of ingredients that stimulate skin circulation).
– The active natural extracts are authenticated by Kew Royal Botanical Garden.

Cons of Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish:

– Contains alcohol.
– Contains parabens ūüôĀ

My Experience with Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish:

The body polish has a very creamy texture, but it washes off well and does not leave behind any feeling of stickiness or greasiness. However, the crushed seeds are so tiny and fine that it does not work as a good scrub. It’s fine for the face where you need to be gentle, but considering it is a body polish and one would be using it all over, I felt the crushed seeds should have been more coarse and bigger. You don‚Äôt get the feeling that you have used a scrub. People with sensitive skin might like it as it‚Äôs very mild, but I prefer my scrubs and body polishes to be strong enough to do their job. I prefer plain old ‚Äėbesan‚Äô to this one :), you can tell that by the amount that has been used up in the tube. I brought this 5 months back and I am still to reach the halfway mark.

Overall Verdict:

2.5 out of 5. I feel for a body polish, it should have been coarser. I am not happy and will not be buying it again.

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21 thoughts on “Boots Botanics Bathing Enlivening Body Polish

  1. i know what u mean…..I bought the TBS Strawberry body polish last year & though the smell is heavenly, it actually does not do the job of “polishing” . :waiting:

  2. I’m now searching for good sugar polishes. had tried one un some mall and later forgot about it. now reading this makes me want it. Lol

  3. Bee sugar n salt home made body polishes work wonder if used regular intrvls ūüėČ :whistle: 2 Parts Salt or Sugar + 1 Part Beauty Oil + Essential Oil
    = Basic Body Scrub
    Salts (listed finer to coarser)
    ‚ó¶Fine Salt
    ‚ó¶Table Salt
    ‚ó¶Sea Salt
    ‚ó¶Kosher Salt
    ‚ó¶Epsom Salt

    Sugars (listed finer to courser)
    ‚ó¶Fine Sugar
    ‚ó¶Brown Sugar
    ‚ó¶White Sugar
    ‚ó¶Turbinado (raw sugar)
    Moisturizing oil
    ‚ó¶Apricot oil – great for sensitive skin
    ‚ó¶Avocado oil – great for dry skin
    ‚ó¶Coconut oil – great for moisturizing
    ‚ó¶Grape seed oil – great for oily skin, acne prone skin
    ‚ó¶Jojoba oil – great for moisturizing for all skin types
    ‚ó¶Olive oil – great for moisturizing (but strong smell)
    ‚ó¶Sesame oil – great for its anti-oxidant properties
    ‚ó¶Almond oil – great for moisturizing for all skin types
    ‚ó¶Vitamin E oil – great for healing & moisturizing
    try it :yes: :yes: :pigtail: :specs:

    1. Awesome Jiya…
      Thanks for this..I am surely gonna try some of these combinations as some of the materials listed are at home :thanks: :thanks:

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