Boots 17 Instant Glow Shimmer Pearls Review

Boots 17 Instant Glow Shimmer Pearls Review

Boots 17 instant glow Shimmer Pearls

According to the Website:

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Pearls for sun-kissed skin all year round. 17 Glow Bronzing Pearls is quick and easy to apply, giving a fresh, healthy glow in an instant.
Dust over the face and body to achieve a naturally bronzed look.
Dermatologically tested and fragrance free.


Around 5£ or 370 INR (on the boots website). :woot:


20 gm (quite a lot of quantity here) :yahoo:



Talc, Calcium sulphate, Tin oxide, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben (+/- Mica, Titanium oxide and few others).

My Word on the 17 Warm Bronze Shimmer Pearls:

This is a shimmer bronzer that contains small beads of various colors. There are brown, peach, pink pearly beads with a shimmer to them. It comes in a plastic see-through packaging with a dark brown screw lid on the top. The beads are securely covered with a sponge that does not allow these fragile beads to crush easily.

I have already reviewed my lovely M&S bronzer here on IMBB, which I prefer to wear much more often, but this 17 shimmer bronzer is perfect for any special occasion when you want to add a glow to your face and body along with having a natural sun-kissed look, but do not think that it can just be used during the day; it can give a perfect bit of sparkle for a night-out even. Actually, the light shimmery look adds a different charm to the face during the night and I prefer wearing it more then.

Applying it just requires you to take a large blusher brush and swirl it on the beads 2-3 times to pick up the unique mix of shades and apply it on to the face where the sun might touch you. 😛 It applies so easily and naturally, the best thing about it is that you can apply it carelessly without it looking un-neat :P. It brightens up your face and gives you that summery glow! Blending it is very easy and it can even be used as a body shimmer and can be applied on the shoulders and neck region.

I faced a problem in the beginning while applying this as the small pearls used to get stuck in the brush and led to wastage of the product, but once while travelling, by chance, I left the box loosely opened, which resulted in crushing the pearls and converting it into a powder form, but this made the application much simpler as now, I just touch the powder with my brush, tap it to let go of the excess and apply it with a light hand on the face to achieve the glow I want and it lasts easily for 4-5 hours. 😉 Even removing it is not a hassle and it gets easily removed using any cleanser without leaving any shimmery chunks behind.



The swatch: Top-white light, Bottom- yellow light.

We Indians do not have a very pale skin tone, so bronzers are not a must-have makeup for us, but still this shimmering bronzer is a bit different than your usual bronzers and does add a nice variation to the face when applied properly. I have seen a nice glow and warmth on my face in my snaps whenever I have applied it and so thought of sharing my views on this product with you all.



Blended Top-yellow light & Bottom-white light. The camera was not able to pick the true shade but yes it does blend that well giving a light shimmer bronzed look.

Boots is not a new brand for IMBB readers and have some great product reviews. This is one more hit product from Boots 17 brand, which has some awesome reviews and a 5-star rating online.

So, leaving on you folks to try and judge the product.


My ratings for it would be 3.75/5 (-1.25 for non-availability and also as it is in a category of not a must-have product).

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day.

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41 thoughts on “Boots 17 Instant Glow Shimmer Pearls Review

  1. hey pretttty cooool. i have been curious abt bronzing pearls ever since I saw it in oriflame and am glad you reviewed a bronzing pearls product. so while this particular one i might skip, I would put the TBS one on my wishlist or postpone it to the beginning of the next month when i get my salary and most certainly before my salary just disappears:)

    1. hehehhehhahahahah aruna 😉 … bronzing pearls r very similar to a normal compact form bronzer but yess the shimmer part is totally diff n Rocks on many occasions.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. they r monika :yahoo: :yahoo: … i struggled a lot to show the actual shade of how it luks on blending but tht he beauty of the product itself ki it does not show tht much but makes a remarkable difference :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  2. I like bronzers witha bit of shimmers in them. sometimes the matte bronzers can look totally flat on skin and don’t solve the purpose. But hat’s just a personal choice. Would have loved to see this on you. :((

    1. me too rati 🙁 . as i said, the camera was not picking the shade n when u actually c it then only u judge the difference it makes on the skin :specs: :specs: :specs: .. me too just stares at my pics sumtimes to c the glow my face reveals on applying it :woot: :woot: but there is no way to see it like such in pics.. :(( :((

    1. ye lo.. for me a bronzer is a must hav makeup product so go n buy 1 :haanji: :haanji: … it does impart a difference on the face .. a nice 1 :whistle: .. u shud start wid a matte 1 or less shimmery 1 though shivani at first.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

        1. colorbar- just earth is used more as a bronzer than a blush.. do chk it out.. i dont kno the exact price but i think its below 300 :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. nice review.. 🙂 i have no idea about bronzers and their purpose.. 🙁 are you allowed to apply a blush and a bronzer together in a single look? ?:) i get overwhelmed with so many makeup items in the market 🙁

    1. yes tinkerbell.. u can apply bith blush n bronzer at the same time.. blush goes on the cheeks or apples of the cheeks while bronzer goes just below tht n below the jawline n i to apply on the temples even.. actually bronzer adds a depth to the face n make u luk slimmer.. u shud see articles on how to apply a bronzer or How to contour the face.. tht’ll giv u a much clearer idea.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:
      1 bronzer shud always be handy so get 1 if u can… i luv to balance the effect of the foundation using a bronzer n this shimmer is sooooo guuddddd :love: :love: .. i skip my blush even when using this.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. thanks a lot nids!! :-* :-* i realize gradually that the whole makeup process is also a kind of science…i mean, u need to know ur physics n stuff to think abt how to best reflect the light n hide ur flaws as well as accentuate ur best features! should be introduced in school as a minor subject along with science n maths :preen: 😉 😉

  4. I am liking this bronzer but this wont suit me, you are more fair than me, so suits you well, only maybelline mousse bronzer sun kissed i think is the name suits me well

    1. if maybelline is suiting u then let it be taps :yes: .. this is only a special day wear kinds of for me also but it has nothing to do with the skin tone :methinks: :methinks: , i think.. one needs a rght amt of using it.. thts it & then c the diff urself :haanji: .. i think shimmer bronzers r there in TBS, as aruna said above so u can apply it there on the face n chk for urself.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

      1. nids bronzer indeed slims our looks but it has got to do with skin tone I mean on Indian skin tones all bronzers don not suit, looks bit muddy but suits on people with cool tones ,thtswhy we say na bronzer not must for Indian skin tones!

        1. i kno tht taps, i too wrot it :toothygrin: …. i meant tht this one blends very well n so skin tone doesnt matter .. it imparts more of a glow than the actual bronze color.. thts y i asked u to chk the TBS urself at the store.. :))

          1. Ohhh thts great then I also love that glow rather than color, lovely then You can also try maybelline bronzer, tht imparts a luminous healthy glow !

    1. no kanika.. its available thru boots website or chk ebay.. u r surely gonna get this :yes: :yes: ..
      but TBS mei kuch hai similar types.. u can chk tht too but tht wud be priceyyyy :whistle:
      better search online.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

  5. hello, i had those pearls quite while ago and i have to say that they are ssssoooo great!!!! sadly i throw them out (i must lost my mind), if i had an oportunity to buy them somwhere …. but those only in UK:( and im in poland :/

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