Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher Bourbon Bloom

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher Bourbon Bloom

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher Bourbon Bloom

I had hoarded a lot of Boots stuff and especially their in-house brand natural collection, which is so affordable and many times on 3 for 2 offers. They have almost everything one would need from powders, foundations, tinted moisturisers, blushes, concealers, stick concealers, liquid concealers, mascara, duo and single shadows which by the way are super.  I have a lot of them in singles and will be reviewing them soon.  You can check out more on the Boots website about their products, but one thing I wanted to try out from some affordable brand was a cream blusher.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

Yes, this is my very first cream blusher because owing to my oily skin, I was mighty scared of cream blushes and thought its best to stay away from adding more grease on my skin, but these were too pretty and tiny and had some four options to chose from, so I picked up the most natural looking one in Bourbon Bloom.  As far as I can recall, there was a peach and pink one too, but almost all were similar looking and light in texture when I tested them there.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

Bourbon Bloom Cream Blusher comes in a tiny tube form which makes it really convenient to use and carry.  I wish it had a tiny flip cap too as I really keep dropping the caps and losing them and not to mention dirtying them this way.  The color is a muddy rose color as far as I see with brown undertones.  The color on its own is gorgeous, but remember this one will be blended into nothingness and will lose most of its density.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

The texture is very very light and it is mentioned on the pack that this is a light creamy color.  It blends easily and has more water based feel to it rather than greasy or oil based.  It really feels very very light, almost similar to some mousse blush, but here is the catch, it really blends into nothingness.  This color (I am sure like the others in this range) blends into my skin, considering mine is oily, it really drinks up this texture and it vanishes. After I wear this, it looks like I just worked out and am all red and sweaty.  I guess it is better suited to dry skin and should be used on a proper skin base.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

How I use this blusher is that I make sure I prime my face, kind of dry the cheeks well and then blend it in, so that it just doesn’t vanish.  I then powder lightly to seal it in.  Another way to use it is as a base to other blushes which makes them stay for long.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

The staying power is just nothing to talk about. It just makes my skin a little dewy and very very mildly blushed.  I tried using a lot, but no help.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

Last Word on Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher: Bourbon Bloom

It’s a very very mild and light blush, not a very good cream blush and especially not good for oily skin.  Dry skin can consider it, but it is best used as a base.

Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher:  Bourbon Bloom

Do I Recommend Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher: Bourbon Bloom?

No, I do not recommend it as it is really a light blush, will be almost invisible on Indian skin tones.


1.5 on 5

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37 thoughts on “Boots Natural Collection Cream Blusher Bourbon Bloom

  1. Neha….good review…I usually like cream blush better than the powder one….but this one toh won’t show up… try NYX ka cream blush….I am sure you will like it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: BTW, waiting for reviews of your treasure trove from Australia :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. arey han
      loreal and covergirl hai
      and some local aussie brands
      sure coming up
      sab makeup idahr udhar ho jata hai n i forget :stars:

      han i have one nyx
      yet to try

  2. Neha dr….lovely review.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i like the color and the swatch, sad tat its a dud!
    idea of blush in a squeeze tube is interesting!!!

  3. hey can anybody please suggest me a good sunscreen…well the only sunscreen i have tried is ayur sunscreen that too a year ago it broke me so badly that i couldn’t dare to use any sunscreen since then :no: :hunterwali: …my skin is really sensitive and have combination skin…so any suggestions guys??? :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :chewnails :chewnails :chewnails

  4. Neha,

    the tiny tube would have been so awesome to carry around and get that lovley dewy effect. Bteee :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

    I really liked the color. it’s very pretty. :makeup: :makeup:

  5. neha….when i started reading the review….thot this one s gng 2 be an amazing product…but what a let down….even if it is cheap….it a big NO…. :nono: :nonono: :nababana:

  6. the swatch on ur hands looks so pretty and very wearable types.. sad tht it didnt work… :idk:
    Neha, i liked ur previous DP where i got to see ur pretty face.. New DP mein tho kuch clear nahin hai :nono:

  7. the color may not suit us but this product seems gudd :yahoo: :yahoo: .. nice 1 neha… this can be used more as a bronzer :yes: :yes:

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