Boots Satsuma Shower Gel Review

Boots Satsuma Shower Gel

Hello Beauties!

It’s been a year now that I have stopped using soaps for bathing, little did I know body washes are way better. Since then I look in for body washes in stores like a bride looking for her perfect wedding gown! (Too much exaggeration?)

Boots Satsuma Shower Gel

I’ve tried a few and I wanted to review the Boots Satsuma Shower Gel for you’ll.

I am a huge fan of Boots, I buy their products blindly, and yes they always WOW me! 😀 and the best part is they aren’t that expensive too..
Boots Satsuma Shower Gel4
Coming to the review,

Price and quantity: 210 for 250 ML
Description: Fruity shower gel with Orange extract, combined with Glycerin which helps moisturize skin, leaving you feeling cleaned and refreshed. Cleanse and pamper your whole body in a fruity luxury!

Boots Satsuma Shower Gel2
Packaging: It comes in a white transparent plastic bottle. Sturdy cap. Bottle is travel safe, no leakage.

My experience with Boots Satsuma Shower Gel:

I was confused between Satsuma and Green Apple! Both smelled absolutely amazing, I picked this one as was looking for a more citrusy type feel. This word Satsuma is so awesome! 😀
Boots Satsuma Shower Gel3
Well coming back to how it worked for me, I must say it’s a very good shower gel, it lathers well. Removes all impurities. Skin feels soft and becomes softer over time with regular use. It didn’t irritate skin and it gets washed off easily too so no sticky-sticky feeling post shower! 😀
The best part about the body wash is the fragrance!! It has natural orange flower extracts *DANCES* 😀 It’s like a concoction of oranges and limes! It is by far one of the most amazing smelling shower gels I’ve tried. The only con of this shower gel being the fragrance doesn’t stay at all. Once out of the bathroom *ZAAAAP* Its gone! But then I don’t mind it that much, atleast it gives me a feeling of a luxurious bath 😛 and then the good thing being its fragrance doesn’t clash with your body mist/deodorant/ perfume.

I’m kind of sold! I love this shower gel and will now try the other variants too.
Boots Satsuma Shower Gel5

Pros of Boots Satsuma Shower Gel:

• Fruity citrusy smell
• Cleans well
• Doesn’t irritate skin
• Makes skin softer
• Cheap
Boots Satsuma Shower Gel6

Cons of Boots Satsuma Shower Gel:

• Contains SLS, parabens
• Fragrance doesn’t last. (may be a pro for some)

Final verdict:

It’s an amazing product! People who don’t mind all the SLS, parabens and alcohols can definitely try this.

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5 (-0.5 for the chemicals)

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  1. I have used the strawberry one and liked it a lot *hifive* *hifive* only the fragrance lasting is a prob *headbang* wanna try this too *happy dance*

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