Boots Seaweed Shampoo Review

Boots Seaweed Shampoo

Hello everybody!

I love shampoos. I keep on trying a lot of them ON-OFF with my HG shampoo. This is one of them. Seaweed instantly gives me a yuck kind of feeling, but then I thought let’s not judge the products just by its color.

Price: Rs. 200 for 600ML



• Suitable for all hair types
• Enriched with seaweed extract which helps soften and moisturize.
• Contains wheat germ oil –smoothens hair.
• No build up formula
• Hair is clean, soft and shiny over regular use.



My take on the Boots Seaweed Shampoo:

At first sight I hated it! I mean that evil green color was something I would never apply on my hair. And like many other times my mom was responsible for this buy! She just gets everything right, know why…

Packaging: A huge clear plastic bottle. I mean imagine fitting 600ML in a bottle. It has a flip cap opening which is also clear. The packaging is very minimalistic in terms of design.

Texture and fragrance: The shampoo is evil-alien green color. It reminds me of Khus juice. The consistency is not too runny, and it has a gel formula (I like gel formula shampoos). It smells like some herb with sweet syrup, it has a marine type of smell to it. But let me tell you this smell isn’t that bad. It is bad only when you use the wrong conditioner after it. Try to use a very mild fragranced conditioner after this shampoo. Else both the fragrances will have a sword fight and you’ll smell like some aquatic injured warrior (I’ve been reading a lot of books these days). It lathers well.


The result: The shampoo does clean hair and removes excess of oil. It doesn’t build up and gets washed off properly. It did not cause any kind of irritation to scalp nor did it cause any hairfall. It makes hair soft and shiny. It also makes it bouncy to an extent, and doesn’t make hair limp. The fragrance is very over powering. It stays on for a long time, but then I’m not a fan of how it smells. All attempts to mask the fragrance have failed. But sincerely if you use the same range conditioner I don’t think your hair will smell funny. Over continued use, this shampoo has made hair better in terms of texture and shine.

Pros of Boots Seaweed Shampoo:

• Gel formula (means less hairfall)
• Cleans hair, softens, smoothens and induces shine.
• Doesn’t irritate skin.
• Doesn’t cause hairfall.
• Can be used for all hair types.
• Cheap
• No parabens


Cons of Boots Seaweed Shampoo:

• The smell
• Availability
• Bulky packaging.
• Contains SLES

Verdict: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase/recommend?

Yes, it is a very good shampoo for such a cheap rate. I mean I didn’t have lot of expectations from this shampoo but it turned out to be one of very good ones I have used. Plus it is paraben free.

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6 thoughts on “Boots Seaweed Shampoo Review

  1. hi Utkarsha, nice review…where did u buy this from? kunchals in GK, Delhi sell Boot products but 2-3 times higher the amount….wanna try this range

    1. Hey i got it from beauty shop in mumbai. Since they are imported the prices vary from place to place. Plus boots has great discounts in beauty shop *hihi*

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