Boots Cucumber Facial Wash Review

Boots Cucumber Facial Wash with Vitamin, enriched for radiant skin. It suits all skin types.
boots cucumber facial wash
Active Ingredients– Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Tocopheryl acetate, Citric acid, Retinyl palmitate, Cucumis sativus.

Contains Extract of Cucumber to help gently cleanse the skin.

Benefits– Effectively removes facial make up and excess oils leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.
Directions– Squeeze a small amount of Facial wash into the palm of your hand and work into a lather with warm water. Massage over the face and neck. Rinse and pat face dry with a soft towel.

There are no other details in this tube including the expiry date, quantity etc. Other details have been printed in a different language !!!!

I guess this tube is 100 ml and it costs Rs.200 after discount.
tube cap
This is the product I purchased online for the first time. I got this product through 99labels. I had a gift amount of Rs.250 and luckily this face wash came to Rs.250 including the shipping !!! So I was all excited to try my first online purchased product. The product reached me promptly in a week and it reached me in good condition as well. It was well packed thus no leakage or wastage of the product.

As the name suggests this facial wash has a fresh cucumber fragrance. That is the sole reason I purchased this product. I wanted to use it during summers and any product with cucumber would freshen me up instantly during summers. I also have cucumber face pack, cucumber soaps and cucumber talcs 😉 So why leave a cucumber face wash and thus my bath becomes complete I love the fragrance as it is very mild and refreshing. The tube has a flip top cap that allows the right amount. To suit the theme the tube itself is green in colour.
I require a very small amount for my neck and face as it lathers pretty well. You can see SLS in the active ingredients list !!! After applying it on my face I splash some water and pat dry my face. Face feels so fresh and clean. It neither dries nor moisturizes my skin. My skin felt super soft after the wash and I really loved it. The smell does not get transferred to the skin. As I mentioned earlier the cucumber smell is very mild and thus the fragrance can be felt only when the face wash is in the bottle and during application. I liked it as I don’t like my face smelling of anything else.

Pros of Boots Cucumber Facial Wash

• Little amount is sufficient.
• The tube lasts for a long time.
• Smells of fresh cucumber.
• Easy to use packaging.
• Spill proof.
• Suits all skin types. [That is what it claims and mine is combination ‘Clinique Type 2’ and it suits me]
• Does not dry my skin.
• Skin feels super soft / baby soft.
• Does proper cleansing.
• Lathers pretty well.
• I think it is worth the price and especially after the discount, it is.

Cons of Boots Cucumber Facial Wash

• This brand or products are not easily available. I could never spot Boots anywhere in Chennai.
• Packaging is pretty simple, not a big con though.
• I feel this might make dry skin drier. I feel this one would suit oily skin better.

My Rating– 4/5

Will I Repurchase? I have my Clinique which suits me so well so why would I buy this again. I just wanted to try something from Boots and I did. Glad it did not break me out

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  1. Aarthi I have the same Boots cucumber cream. 🙂
    I love the fresh fragrance and I know even this wud be smelling teh same :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    I will try searching for this too. Nice review :thanks:

  2. Aarthi…I have surfed 99labels many times, but I found all of them pretty expensive…… :(( :(( this Boots face wash sounds good, but hard to find 🙁

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  5. Cumcumber in any skin product is good no 🙂 this one looks good too…. i somehow like the simple neat packaging… nice review Aarthi 🙂

  6. Aarthi Nice Post :)) Some of my relatives from UK talk a lot about Boots products, haven’t tried anything from the brand, the color of the tube is so good :yes:

  7. hey.. I also ordered some stuffs from 99labels two days back.. But i didn’t got any intimation from them till now thru msg or email. I had paid thru debit card.. Is that ok?? Did this also hpnd with u??

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