Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl Review

What is Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl?

It has an Intense Kohl or Eyeliner effect, with total coverage &has a perfect hold for perfection. Product Details

  • Size 1.15 GM
  • It has a Soft Creamy Texture which gives a Subtle, Dramatic or Natural look.
  • It is easily applied &does not Bleed, Run, Smudge or Feather off
  • It contains Pearl Pigments, which provides rich, intense color
  • Glides easily into delicate eye area and is safe for use in the Inner Rim of the eye &even contact lens users can use it.
  • It is Fragrance free &is Water Resistant.
  • Multi Purpose : Can be used both on Eyes and Lips.
  • No Animal Ingredients

Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl

Shade : Rosewood – Deep Chocolate Brown colour

Price : Rs 225- (Indian Rupees)

What I love about Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl ?

  • It’s a soft pencil that glides on well on the eye lids.
  • I love the deep chocolate brown colour.
  • The pencil is very pigmented and you can create intense dramatic looks with this liner.
  • Comes with a see through cap and coloured end so it is easier to locate.
  • The price is lovely.
  • It makes an excellent base for brown eyeshadows.
  • Can be used on the waterline.
  • It doesn’t break while sharpening.

Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl

What I don’t like about Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl?

  • Damn! It smudges and bleeds like crazy. Within half an hour or so, you have raccoon eyes. :nerd: This is the biggest drawback of this pencil. I use it as a base when I want to do intense smokey brown eyes but other than that this pencil is a complete failure for me. I have tried to set it with eyeshadows, and powders but no matter what I do, it smudges badly. A complete waste of money. It’s one of the products I regret buying.
  • It is not water resistant.

Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: :no: Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl

Have you used tried Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl?Β  or Do you know how to make this liner work?


46 thoughts on “Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl Review

  1. Man, I too have it and it badly badly madly madly smudges. Infact all their eye pencils smudge. I have recently got Max factor eye pencils and it is sooper :yes: πŸ˜€

  2. Aarti,

    Some of the excitement has already gone from the sale. πŸ™ One who was doing the major sale has down with fever but since there are one or two people who also wanted to take part in the sale, I don’t want to to disappoint them. It will be a small sale now … :-((

    1. Haaaw that is bad.. hope the person recovers soon and let us raid her makeup box..!!!

      I dont know why but i dont have a single Chambor product..actually i just don’t get attrcted to this brand..!!

  3. u no rati as soon as i saw ,its a eye pencil review i just scrolled down to see yr eyes . Bt no photo.. wat a dissapointment.. πŸ™

    U have lovely eyes,rati ….on matter its with or without kohl :yes:

    1. I am a little ill today so couldn’t do the eyes. πŸ™ I used it in my first makeup video. You may check that may be. πŸ™‚

      So sorry!!

      1. i have the twist up ones , 3 of them in khaki etc
        they are so hard they hardly move on the eye lids

        and even my 2 bourjois eye kohls smudge in an hour
        so please dont waste money on those too

  4. Nice review Rati..

    But somehow this brand has never managed to attract me at all..and whenever I forced myself to try something at their counters, the SA’s put me

    Thank God

  5. Totally agree with Poornima. Last time I was leaving the Max Factor counter, and this SA from the Chambor counter almost cornered me and asked me..madam you dont use moisturizer..i was like eh..what..why would she ask me that..anyway I was like yes I do. Maybe with the AC my skin has dried. She smiles and immediately takes out a bottle and goes you should try this madam..this is our makeup remover…blah blah blah. Did anyone get the connection because I didnt!!

  6. if there’s one thing chambor has that’s worth buying, it’s their lip vinyl and lip gloss (well that becomes two products). they leave intense shine on the lips without weird taste/smell. but make sure you use them over a lipstick or liner (you know how most glosses are – not long lasting). and what lovely ingredients!

  7. I don’t buy lip glosses these days. I have only two those two were gifted. πŸ™‚ I am so in the matte- cream phase. πŸ™‚

    I’ll take a look at the lip vinyl though. Sounds interesting. πŸ™‚

  8. I have their new version – Chambor eye art pencil #2 – brown colored one – i paid 425 πŸ™ so expensive for me…

    It also comes with smudger brush…When I apply in the morning…it looks good…but after 2hours – it smudges a lot….. Next time I will pick color bar’s truffle pencil

  9. watevr may be yeahhhhh…………but chambor dream eyeliner and volume curl mascara………is great really………….whn compare to the maxfactor products

  10. hey i have a medium brown skin tone but my face color is dusky i dont know which eyeliner color suits me well could you please recommend some thing for me?

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