Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Diva

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Diva

Hello Beauties,

I have always been scared of red lipsticks! I had vowed to never wear a red lipstick in my life for a couple of reasons – first you really require confidence/beautiful skin/gorgeous figure to carry it off and myself being the most shy and reserved gal, could never do that.  Yeah, I know how stupid I sound, but hey, these were the thoughts of a girl never exposed to IMBB 🙂 Secondly, I always thought red color is only for fair girls, no offence meant to anyone please! But both my views have changed since joining IMBB a year back!

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Diva

After seeing Preetha and all other gorgeous gals flaunting their red lipsticks so successfully, I too was tempted to at least give it a try! A couple of my friends suggested to try matte lipsticks as these are long wearing and plus can be worn as a stain. The words “matte lipstick” and Colorbar go side by side for me! Plus I wanted something which was of good quality and also won’t burn a hole in my pocket as I wasn’t sure if I would ever wear the lipstick outside my home 😛


In order to fulfil my quest, I visited the Colorbar counter at Beauty Palace and was lost in the amazing range of shades they have in their matte range! The SA was very sweet and helpful.  I explained to her that I was looking for a red lipstick which would suit my dusky skin tone without being over the top!  She showed me “Hot Hot Hot” which according to her was their best-selling lipstick from this range and which had got fab reviews in the blogging world, but I found it to be on the brighter side for my liking, so she showed me Diva.


Though in the tube it looks more like a maroon color, but comes out as a deep gorgeous red with a tinge of maroon in it! It suits my skin tone pretty well and so far I am totally loving it! Initially, it does take some time for the first-time red lipstick wearer to get adjusted to how gorgeous it looks on them 😛 But once you get that confidence, there is absolutely no looking back.  In fact, now I am craving to try other bright shades like fuschia!


The pigmentation is superb and one swipe is enough to give you a good dose of color! If your lips are highly pigmented, go for a second coat! The staying power is hands down the best I have come across! It stayed on me for more than 6 hours with a full meal in between! In fact even after the meal, the color was very much evident on my lips and honestly I had a hard time to remove it using a good makeup remover. Even after removing the lipstick with a makeup remover, I felt it left a slight rosy tinge on my lips! This would be gorgeous when used as a stain!

The color is very versatile and I am sure it would suit all skin tones really well! The lipstick glides on lips and is very creamy, I seriously don’t understand why they call these as matte! This one is not at all drying and I didn’t even need a lip balm underneath! Perfect!

Let’s enjoy some pics now!

Swatches from different angles, left one is 1 swipe and the right one is 2 swipes.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

Swatch 3

Finally, this is how it looked on me after 2 hours of application and a full meal in between!


Please excuse my eyebrows as I am trying to grow them to get the shape changed! Also, this picture was taken by a mobile camera, so the quality is not that good, I apologize for that!


Rs. 220 but I got it for Rs. 190!!


All Colorbar counters have these and even online shopping websites, its easily available!

IMBB Rating:

4.5 out 5 (0.5 deducted for being a lipstick that cannot be easily removed).

Hope this review helped, until next time, cia and take care!

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49 thoughts on “Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Diva

  1. u look beuatiful parita.what a shade .i have reviewed mac diva here!ha ha !same red!and ur eyebrows and u look just perfect!

  2. Parita..

    First, very good pictures.
    Second, The shade is soo good. And suits you very well.
    Third, if you hadnt mentioned, we wont have found out that you are growing your brows.. 😀

    You look very nice n sweet in this pic.

  3. hey nice colour.. btw any idea if colorbar velvet matte does a fuchsia, i have been wanting to try fuchsia, but dont want to spend too much on them since i am not sure i will wear it too often.. same problem as you Parita.. lipsticks i am not yet sure of , i dont think i can wear outside.

    once you do get a bit more comfortable, i reccommend you try revlon spice red, it is perfect bright red, with enough brown to not look wierd on dusky skin

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Supriya..will def check out revlon..btw i think colorbar does have a fuschia..though not sure..i think they have around 40 colors! grt range do check it out!

      1. parita, will definitely try.. and btw as a dusky girl looking for a good red, and getting used to it, i know the feeling.. the uncertainty of it all..

  4. Parita, dats true, theres a Red lipstick made for each skin tone 🙂 U have picked a very apt and beautiful shade , it looks great on u :teddy: :teddy: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  5. u r luking v pretty Parita 🙂
    n d shade suits u totally
    i shud get it fr a such a cheap price it’s offering long staying power :yes:

  6. hey Parita… you took great photographs :yes: :yes: :yes:

    And red is so your colour dear………….. :preen: :preen: :preen:
    you look so good in this shade :woot: :woot:

    One more thing i would love to say- i am sooooo happy you tried this shade :makeup: leaving your fears behind… :clap: :clap: And here we get a wonderful pic of you in REDDDDD :balle:

  7. o gawwwd!!!! you should never think twice before wearing a red lipstick… are gorgeous!!!!!! :love: :love:
    this shade is looking so beautiful on you….i am at least 2-3 tones darker than you and i have 4 red lipsticks!!! :shying: :shying: :shying:

    you are very very pretty!!! loved the post and the pic!! :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  8. Parita,even I found HOT HOT HOT way to bright,i will check this out ..n wow u started posting in ur blog :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: !!..checking out now :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  9. nice shade :)) :)) :)) “darr k aage jeet hai” :tongue: glad u took the step definitly suitng you.. :balle: :balle:

  10. I too have that hot hot hot shade :toothygrin: :tongue:
    Its looks good on u parita :woot: :woot:
    even i used to feel that red is not my colour … it used to look to bold but now i m comfortable in wearing red colour any time :yahoo: :yahoo:

  11. so happy u got that red lippie..MAC diva is very much try fuschias as sure u wil rock bright shades :puchhi: …nice picca

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