Chocolate and Pregnancy

chocolate pregnancyChocolate and Pregnancy

Chocolate is too sweet a thing for harming anybody, right? After my caffeine and chocolate articles, I thought that the pregnancy spectrum must be covered too, both with the advantages and disadvantages of caffeine and chocolate.

This article shall help you in understanding your chocolate better whilst in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is possibly the best period of a woman’s life, and all women tend to take all those minute and massive extra care tips and tricks.

Ok, this one is for the pregnant women, or the women who already have children. Did you have these chocolate cravings?  I mean I read it somewhere that pregnant women tend to crave for chocolate when they are actually going through a lot of mental and physical disturbance. We need chocolate anytime anywhere that’s a different thing.

Dark chocolate is supposedly the best one for the pregnant women.  Obviously over dose of anything is bad, but who knows when you are licking on your chocolate bar what’s the limit? Overdose of chocolate is also not a good idea, since chocolate contains caffeine (it soaks up iron from the body) which may be dangerous to the egging mother.

Studies have revealed that consuming chocolate five times a week decreases the chances of hypertension in pregnancy which is also know as Pre-eclampsia which basically is high blood pressure.

Theobromine, which is abundantly present in dark chocolate in particular is great whilst pregnancy. Theobromine relaxes the muscles and expands the blood muscles too. Theobromine, also stimulates the heart, hence chocolate is great for over all health. 🙂 So give up on your alcohol and caffeine but not on chocolates!!! Power to you ladies. 🙂

Dark Chocolates also contain magnesium which is important for the pregnant women, magnesium helps in the growth of the fetal brain.  Always remember, the darker the chocolate the better it is. 🙂 Studies have revealed that dark bitter chocolate has relatively helped the mother in nurturing the baby. It’s claimed that women who ate dark chocolate during pregnancy gave birth to happy happy babies. A research shows that women who ate chocolates al their life had beautiful, healthy and happy babies than women who had reduced the consumption.

pregnancy chocolateBut now the question arises why few pregnant women are asked to cut it down? Well, the caffeine content must be the reason. Chocolate contains caffeine although in meager quantities, but it is present. Caffeine intake may lead to miscarriage. The caloric value of chocolate is also a reason why doctors advice to cut it down during pregnancy.

On the other hand few women are prescribed chocolates, since they reduce the risk of pregnancy poisoning. And of course for the basic happiness of the woman, since the egging mother must be kept happy in every and any situation and cutting down chocolate may be depressing. 🙂

Some interesting facts on pregnancy and chocolates:
• You can get rid of the Nausea caused whilst being pregnant by eating chocolates. This way you get rid of the nausea and also settle your craving and be happy.
• If you crave sweet or particularly chocolate during pregnancy you are carrying a girl. 🙂
• Dark chocolate or any chocolate in that way keeps your blood pressure in control during pregnancy.
• Dark chocolate reduces risks of miscarriage. 🙂
• Chocolate is known as the “healing food”, it helps in combating deadly diseases like cancer too.

Hope you liked this bit of chocolates…

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  1. Nice post Zeeba.. I never knew about this chocolate craving related to carrying girl thing!! 😛 he he… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: This will help a lot in future!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. oh…i kinda hated chocolates during pregnancy…all i wanted to eat was ice ice ice….hehe…guess the chocolate related to gal baby thng is true then… 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

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  3. nice article…..
    my bhaabhi craved fr chocolates but she had a baby boy and not a girl…..she ate chocolate almost every day and she sufferred from hypertension through and after her pregnancy…………….

  4. well i am 8 months preggers and crave only for dairy milk and crax( corn rings)…..lolz…can’t stand dark chocolate!!

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