NYX Long Lip Pencil – Mauve 14

NYX Long Lip Pencil – Mauve 14

NYX Long Lip Pencil delivers pigmented-rich shades with smooth and moisturizing formula that glides on easily! Define your lips with NYX Long Lip Pencil to prevent lip color to bleed beyond your lip lines! NYX Long Lip Pencil is a must- have item for lip junkies!

NYX Long Lip Pencil Mauve 14

For a lipstick addict like me, I really can’t have enough of lip pencils, especially nude ones.  I really like to use nude lip pencils as a lipstick as they come out beautifully matte and just perfect for day wear.  Another reason that I have a lot of nude lip pencils is that I use them as a base to any lipstick more often than not. It really makes a difference to the finish, texture and shade of the lipstick you wear.

NYX Long Lip Pencil

Like most of you would wear a lip balm beneath a lipstick, I don’t like that as it would make the lipstick sticky and nonmatte and crème (just my opinion) rather I use pencils like Colorbar nude and avon nude under all lipsticks and perhaps skip liner as the nude liner is just enough to give some substance to the shape of the lips. :silly:

These days, I am really trying out matte and crème mauves and magentas and pink too and so this liner for me is just perfect. The liner rather than being more mauve or pink, is really nude and matches the lip color to be true.  The pencil is real long and very well named and I am glad it is named too.  You can get this from Cherry Culture for $2 I guess and a friend of mine got it for me from nonpareil boutique, though mine doesn’t have those girlie designs on it, I don’t know why, but it is called long pencil for sure.

NYX Long Lip Pencil

The shade is a pretty soft mauve, almost nude color and easily matches my lip color when applied lightly.  So one advantage is that you can never go wrong with a nude shade lip contour showing outside your lip line, but a dark lip liner (like Ramola Sikand, Pamela Anderson 😛 ) outside your lip line :nonono:

The texture is just fine, not bad and nothing outstanding! Its good and suffices as lip liner and nothing to fall head-over-heels for.  Its soft, smooth and creamy enough, but not so creamy to crumble.  It will tug the lips when you try to fill in your lips with it and it can also get sticky if you fill your lips with this and uncomfortably matte for non-matte lovers, needless to say.

NYX Long Lip Pencil

The color can go well with all nude lipsticks with a hint of pink, light mauves, and may be nudey browns, mauvy pinks too. For people who are dark lip lovers, I recommend this liner for a base.  It can bring out the shade of the lipstick really well.

These sharpen well with my ELF sharpeners 😛 and are so long, it may take me a while to finish it unlike my twist-up nude pencils, and hence I love this factor.

NYX Long Lip Pencil

One thing I did not like about it is that I am not so impressed with the pigmentation, perhaps due to the kind of shade I got. It does not set either (like the Bh cosmetics lip pencils) and can smudge, but is fine enough for a lip pencil.

Last Word on NYX Long Lip Pencil – Mauve 14:

This shade is versatile for me, fine texture, glides on fine, not bad and nothing extraordinary either. For the price, I can get one each to match my lipstick collection 😀

I am not saying you have to get them, but if you do need a lot of quantity and variety for lip pencils for numerous lipsticks, you can try these and these are somewhere between above average to good, and yes, I will buy more of these in other shades and this one too.


3.2 on 5

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35 thoughts on “NYX Long Lip Pencil – Mauve 14

  1. i have some lipliners, which i use occassionaly.. i thnk i will invest more in lipsticks than lipliners nw… This one fits in budget though…. 😉

  2. i am getting into lipliners now..i have used them in the past off and on. this is a pretty shade. have ordered some in the sunay bazaar too so cant wait.

    love your nail art.. :balle: :balle:

  3. neha i like the shade… I think I have used these.. didnt enjoy. I guess the bourjois ones at similar price range are nicer. 😀 have you used those?

  4. Nice review, Neha di! 🙂
    I liked the swatch :yes: but I liked ur nail art much more than the lipliner. Its awesome!! :waytogo:

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