Colorbar Color Intense Eyeliner Green Tea Review


I am really in love with Green Tea currently and even though this product doesn’t have anything to do with Green Tea apart from sharing its name, I still couldn’t resist adding it to my ‘Green Tea Collection’ :D. I love this color and the texture but it is a huge disappointment in the ‘long-lasting’ department. 🙁



COLOR INTENSE Liquid Eyeliner is formulated to deliver the dramatic definition of liquid metal with one easy swipe. This unique formula has intense color payoff that helps to create glamorous eyes. The precise felt tip brush ensures the perfect amount of product is dispersed for a clean, professional looking application.

Colorbar Color Intense Liquid Eyeliner is a long-lasting, pigmented eye liner in rich vibrant color and dazzling metallic finish. It does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. With its high definition flexible felt tip applicator, one stroke is enough to define a fine or thick line. This fast drying, waterproof liquid eye liner is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers too.

colorbar liquid liner green tea

Qty 3ml
Price: INR 350

My Experience: I really like this color. It really opens up my eyes. Complements red/reddish outfits really well.


However, the product itself is nothing worth dying for. If I wear it in the morning, by the time I return home in the evening the color is totally gone-which is surprising coz it dries quite tight. I thought it should be like longgg lasting but it simply disappears after a few hours. It dissolves in sweat too :/ only good thing about that-if you can call it a good thing- is that cleaning a smudge is real easy.

colorbar eyeliner green tea


  • Pretty colour
  • Applicator is long and easy to handle. I like the overall packaging.
  • The brush is thin. You can draw a very thin or a wider line as you like.


  • Not long lasting
  • Not waterproof
  • Tingles slightly on application

I really don’t like the fact that it doesn’t live upto most of its claims-I mean why lie? There are many eyeliners that don’t last too long. I accept them as they are 😛 Why make claims that are not true?

Verdict: I might buy this again for its color or for other colors in this family. I prefer gel eyeliners to liquid liners though but sadly gel liners aren’t available in a lot of colors.

Rating: 3.5

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18 thoughts on “Colorbar Color Intense Eyeliner Green Tea Review

  1. I am quite scared of eye products that tingle on eye application.. I once had an eye shadow… dunno what brand.. got it from abroad.. and it tingled. I immediately stopped using it.

    The color is indeed pretty.. a different shade for eye liners.. but sad it doesnt work..

  2. naice reviewww Oopsiiiiiii!!!
    BTW.. have u tryd LAKME EYELINERS …in such colors….
    They r osuuuuuummmm..:):):)

  3. the color is gorgeous and u have applied such thin n perfect line! God I so need to practice applying eyeliners! sad its not long lasting 🙁 go for B&D gel liners..for the price they are awesome!

  4. my first comment on imbb ..yipeee..and thank u so much fr reviewing dis product ooopsi(so cute)..hav been eyeing green liners lately n since colorbar is always my first choice i was about to buy now i think ill go for revlon or maybe inglotz gel eyeliner

  5. I have a Lakme Glide-on in Peacock Green. Fade-proof, smudge-proof after a few seconds, waterproof, and stays on all day. 😀
    Looks like, from what I can see in your pictures, the exact same color! Do try it out!
    Nice review 🙂

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