Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liner Review

This one is another gift from my sister. All Victoria’s Secret products were bath products except a few. One of those is this eye liner, a glittery eye liner in brown; the shade is named ‘Flash’. I am still a novice in eye makeup and I still have shaky hands. I can never apply a proper curve of an eye liner and I would wipe here and there to make it a neat liner. But this eyeliner is just awesome, that I draw a line as if I am a pro in a single stroke. Are you a novice like me then I would suggest you to get this eye liner.
victorias secret liquid liner
I got so much confidence to try all eye makeup after using this liquid liner. Now I have asked my sister to get a big list of Victoria’s Secret liquid liner in different colors and even the ones without glitters.

The brush is so long and I think that plays the major role in making the application so easy. After application the eye liner with glitter looks so pretty and I think this is my first colored eye liner. I am just in love with this liquid liner.
victorias secret liquid liner tube
Pros of Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liner
• The brush is pretty lengthy that makes the application so easy.
• It helps in mess- free application as well.
• Even if you have shaky hands you can apply liner in a single stroke with this brush.
• The eye liner with glitter adds glam to the overall look.
• How much ever the price would be [sorry I have no idea about the price as it was a gift from my sister] I think it is worth the price.
• The eye liner is semi creamy and thus makes the staying power more.
• Long staying power. It looks fresh even after hours together.

victorias secret liquid liner swatch
Cons of Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liner
• The availability and price in India is the only con I could think of. I am sure this would be

pretty expensive if at all sold in India. I heard in IMBB that we can find VS products in Delhi and Mumbai. Not sure about the shops or places though.

My Rating – 4.5/5

0.5 reduce for the con I have listed above.

Will I Repurchase? – Yes for sure. As I mentioned already I have prepared a big list of VS products where I have listed different colors of these liquid liners I think I have listed all possible colors that would be available.

If you get a chance please do get this liner and I am sure everyone will just fall in love with this.
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37 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liner Review

  1. Wow Aarthi. :dazed: :dazed: . such a Pretty shade with glitters.. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: . i seriously need to search this Product now in Dilli,,, :smug: :smug: 😉

  2. The shade is so gorgeous Aarthi! I love this shade in eye shadows. I’m pretty sure it’ll be really expensive in India. Any idea where in Mumbai is VS available?

  3. such a nice shade….. it must be good for both day nd night na….. lend me ur sis Aarthi :green: :green: :green: :green:

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