Colorbar Pro Blush Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Blush Brush


INR 1000

I was mighty impressed with the sturdy handle of the pro foundation brush from them and though I knew it is going to be a mixed feeling, I picked up their lip brush and their pro blusher brush too. This one again is like the tallest and heaviest brush in my collection 😛 king size.The shape of the bristles is also so right but then I still feel the cost if not justified.Find out why:



They have this whole new pro range priced insanely for no reason. This one again is 1000 bucks but the powder brush is 1250 I suppose :/ For introductory prices, don’t you think companies should let us try out stuff for once.Anyway, I am always looking for sturdy and soft makeup brushes .This did fulfill my need of a study handsome looking brush but the bristles, is a mixed story.

colorbar_pro_blush_brush__3_ colorbar_pro_blush_brush__4_

The brushes are numbered and also named which I like. All these pro brushes are super tall and look awesome and feel heavy.I have washed them a lot of times, none of them show signs of damage on the handle, or any bleeding or shedding.That is nice definitely for the price we pay.




The bristles are rounded and semi-dense, not like super rounded. The size is just right for a blusher brush bristles and the density too, to fit in the jawline and also blend the apple of the cheek color.What I did not like are the rough looking bristles. The bristles look more rough than they actually are,on the cheek they do not poke or scratch at all but still they are not super soft. I was hoping for very very soft bristles honestly and smoother looking too.though I have washed it often, the bristles did not shed or bleed. They did not get rough either but I am sure looking at the animal hair, they will get rough in sometime. As of now they only look very rough but are okay above average,do not poke or scratch but are not super soft for the price tag. It could scratch and powder your expensive blushes too.



Had the bristles been super soft, I would have given it a 5/5 but now I can see the future of the bristles of this brush 😛 so I rate it:

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8 thoughts on “Colorbar Pro Blush Brush Review

  1. Colorbar is going crazy with the pricing *headbang* Neha king size brush *haan ji* I want those super cute Essence brushes, but they are out of stock now

  2. Colorbar…itna zyada price and u cud not work on the quality of the brush hair!!! *spank* *spank* *spank*

  3. I think we should boycott colorbar until they learn the lesson *spank* *spank* .. on top not a good quality *pan*

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