Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil Review

Hello Gorgeous Gals,

I picked up another Colorbar I-glide Eye Pencil. This is one of the new shades which has been launched in the pre-existing line. Let;s see how this one performed.

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

Product Information (from the website):
Keep it thick or thin depending on the look you want to achieve.  Defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner, the I-Glide Eye Pencil, with its smooth formulation, gives your eyes rich colour in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. Lasts longer than 8 hours, does not feather or bleed. Waterproof, super long wear, no transfer and smudge-proof.

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

Rs. 499

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

Packaging:  The pencil comes packaged in a silver cardboard box. The pencil and the cardboard – both have been color coordinated with their ends reflecting the shade. So whether you store these pencils in the box or directly in a stand, it’s easy to pick up the colour you want in a jiffy.

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

The pencil is a normal sharpenable pencil with a silver cap which fits nicely.  This does not come with a sharpener or any smudger.

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

My Experience with Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil:

Color:  The shade “Sparkling Olive” is one of the new shades launched by Colorbar, It is a dull muddy olive green shade. Attempt has been made to elevate it by adding shimmer to the shade. So, what is the overall effect? If I were to go by the hand swatch of this color, I would never have picked this up. It looks a tad bit weird – an offish shade and that too with shimmer. The only reason I picked this was because I don’t have this shade in my kitty, it’s different and and I thought – why not?

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

Having said that, I think, once on, it’s an absolutely gorgeous shade. Despite being a shade of green, it still looks neutral. The shimmer works with the color. It is a great substitute for brown, which means for someone who finds black too stark and is not comfortable with jewel-toned colours – people generally move towards brown. Honestly, I don’t find brown working for me – believe me, I have tried. While this to me is a great alternative – it’s different, it’s neutral, and it’s got shimmer – yet it has quite sophistication. I really like it! Another thing which really works for this shade is that mostly, on oily lids, when coloured pencils are used, they can lose intensity and turn muddy after a while.  However, since this colour is anyway a little offish, this doesn’t change much and looks pretty much the same.

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

In the single eye shots, I am wearing this on both – the upper lash line and the lower lash line without anything on my lower waterline. In the full face pic, this shade stays the same; however, I have added another product on the waterline – will share its review soon.

Texture: I found the texture to be consistent across the entire Colorbar I-glide eye pencil range that I have tried. The texture is smooth and creamy, swatches easily on the hand and applies equally smoothly on the lid. However, the extreme smoothness has its flip side too. One, the tip breaks easily because it is just so soft. Secondly, the tip becomes blunt very quickly. You do one eye and the tip is blunt already. Also, the constant sharpening means that you will consume the product far more quickly.

Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is great, it deposits colour easily and glides smoothly. You do not need to put in pressure or do multiple swipes to make the pigment show up on skin.

Staying Power:  The pencil stays put for good 8 hours as claimed by the brand. Since it is waterproof, you will need an oil-based makeup remover to take it off completely.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil:

  • An interesting neutral shade – looks absolutely classy.
  • Impressive staying power.
  • Waterproof.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • Has intense colour payoff.
  • Did not cause any irritation to my eye.
  • Comes off easily at the end of the day with my cleansing oil.

Cons of Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil:

  • The creaminess of the product makes the tip prone to breakage.
  • The tip becomes blunt very quickly.
  • You need to constantly sharpen it, which means, you will run through the product quicker.

IMBB Rating:

I personally find the shade absolutely gorgeous – very unique, very wearable.  It will show up on all skin tones, I am not sure about this. I would request you to definitely try before you buy. For me, this is one shade from the line that I might go back for – I am enamored by it.

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4 thoughts on “Colorbar Sparkling Olive I-Glide Eye Pencil Review

  1. I loved this shade…the only problem I feel is that needs to be sharpened frequently. I have not had good experiences with sharpenable pencils… So I prefer the retractable ones.
    Do you still think it’s worth it?

  2. I love the colour and shimmer but the only trouble is the micro glitter that sticks to my face when I try to remove it with a makeup remover. It’s a lot of effort to get that glitter off the face!

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