Coloressence Liquid Lip Color Review

Coloressence Liquid Lip Color

Hello pretty faces

There’s always one product with us that looks amazing but does not work up to well, may the smell or the color of the product lures us so much that it silently occupies a place in our vanity?


Well for today I am going to review some of the same kind of a lip gloss from coloressence, I stumbled up with this brand name on IMBB, and read about it, so I ordered this amazing looking gloss. Scroll down to know more about why this beautiful color is a silent piece in my vanity.

Product description– It’s moisture lock formula gives a glossy effect to the lips, these are available in varying shades, can be directly used or can be used on your lipsticks to add rich color to your lips.

Price– 200 (I got some discount, ordered online)

Ingredients– Not listed


Shade– Baby Pink LLP-7 (Available in rich 12 shades)

My experience with Coloressence Liquid Lip Color

The gloss comes in amazing super cute transparent bottle that shows the color of the gloss, the product has the right amount of glossiness to it *hihi* *hihi* . Okay packaging is super cute, the shade I opted is amazing actually, I love the shade, yes it gives that transparent shine to your lips when you simply want your lips with no color 😛

A little hint of baby pink shade on lips is what I love about it, but but oh! the stickiness , the amazingness of the amazing lip gloss gets a thundering stop. The gloss is on for 3-4 hours, after the meals all you feel on your lips is wax that you applied with the gloss some hours before and it does give you a hard time while you are busy in wiping it off. I have not tried it with a lipstick!


Well so you might have understood why I was talking about the product, one small fault makes the whole product a sad buy. But any ways I do enjoy the smell, the fruity fragrance and the color, the wand is soft and evenly spreads the gloss .

Pros of Coloressence Liquid Lip Color

Nice varying shades
Nice soft wand applicator
Cute travel friendly packaging


Cons of Coloressence Liquid Lip Color

Sticky! Sticky!

Would I repurchase– No, I will invest in other brands!

Would I suggest– If you can cope up with sticky glosses, then you can definitely try it has more amazing shades 

IMBB rating– 3/5

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5 thoughts on “Coloressence Liquid Lip Color Review

  1. in bottle color seems to be so beautiful but even i dont like sticky lipglosses.

    Jomol/Neha- where can we search for items in IMBB? search option is gone 🙁 🙁

  2. The colour looks sooo cute in the bottle… *clap* very girly but even i do not like the sticky ones *nababana*

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