Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Refreshing Wipes Review

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As we are already done reaching mid of March; it won’t take long for the summers to approach! However, this time we are enjoying this extended winter chill, all thanks to the unannounced rains and cool breeze these days. I remember last year by this time I had packed all my woollens and was all ready to face the summers with my favourite cottons. But this time, I still require light woollens during mornings and evenings.
Even though the weather is still pleasant, my oily skin has already started to produce extra oil. I wanted to buy a pack of facial wipes to keep that excess oil off my face but was postponing it owing to the cold weather. The other day I visited New U and saw a large collection of these colourful wet wipes. I picked the one which looked the most refreshing and was giving me a cooling feeling! Didn’t want to go for the regular Fresh Ones or Kara this time.

So today, I am here to review Cool & Cool Refreshing Wipes in the fragrance Aqua Fresh. Read below for my experience with these wipes.
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INR 79 for 20 Wipes


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Product Description:

Cool & Cool Refreshing Wipes with an enticing aroma to experience the clean and refreshed feel. The soft wipes in a resalable pack is easy to carry on the go.

My Take on Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Refreshing Wipes:

These wet wipes comes in a pack of 20. It’s a very basic packaging with a seal to open and close. The seal prevents the wipes from drying out and keeps them hydrated for a longer time. The Packet is a light sea color with the name of the brand and fragrance mentioned in the front. The ingredient list and instructions are mentioned at the back of the packet.

The wipes have a very refreshing fragrance called Aqua. I cannot really find out the exact fragrance but it smells very soothing and cooling. The fragrance is not at all harsh. It stays on for a while after use. I’ve kept this sealed packet in my hand bag and it smells heavenly whenever I open my bag.
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The wipes are white in color with a cottony finish, very soft on the skin. They are quite moisture-full but do not make my face wet after use. It removes excess oil from my face leaving it dry. They can also be used to remove make up from the face. I have only tried removing eye shadows and it works really well. It does not irritate my eyes or skin at all even after rubbing twice or thrice.

I am pretty happy with the performance of these facial wipes. My happiness knew no bounds after reading the ingredient list which contains aloe and Vitamin E (both excellent for the skin). My skin feels refreshed after using the wipes and smells good too.

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Pros of Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Refreshing Wipes:

• Amazing fragrance
• Soft texture
• Removes makeup well
• Does not irritate my skin or eyes
• Leaves the skin refreshed and dry after use
• Contains Aloe and Vitamin E
• Budget-friendly
• Easily available
• Very handy and easy to carry

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Cons of Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Refreshing Wipes:

I could not find any shortcomings of these wipes except that it is quite drying. So it might not work very well for dry-skinned beauties.

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Conclusion on Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Refreshing Wipes:

These wipes are surely a keeper. I am going to try other variants available from this range. I would recommend these to people with oily skin as it removes oil and dirt very effectively.

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