Cosmetic Organizer By New Successories

Cosmetic Organizer By New Successories

Hi Girls,

Cosmetic Organizer By New Successories

I am back with another review. This time, a very useful one. It is a “Cosmetic Organizer Pouch” from a brand named “New Successories.”  I have always been on the lookout for a good cosmetic pouch with a number of sections for separating all the different makeup items. I have never seen a decent one till date which I liked. So, like most of us, I have been using a simple pouch and used to dump lipsticks, eye pencils, powders, creams and what not into that or sometimes, I used 2 to 3 different pouches which could later be repacked again into a single one by my sweet hubby to save suitcase space. There is not much of a problem in carrying everything like that, but it is a pain to take out a particular lipstick from this clutter in the morning when you are in a hurry. So, I was very excited to see this pouch in “Landmark,” Pune, and bought it instantly.



Product Description:

  • Neat cosmetic bag organizes all your beauty essentials.
  • Expanding bridged center, compartment with mesh pocket and five slot cosmetic holder for lipsticks and atomizer keeps everything in its place.
  • Side fold down compartment with see through zippered pocket. Slip pockets and four for pencils and brushes for added storage capacity.


rati beauty ad

Rs. 390.  Available at “The Landmark” and “Reliance Trends.”

Dimensions: 18 cm X 13 cm X 6 cm

Side 1 Photos:

Side 1\

Side 1 left side

Side 1 Right Side

Side 2 Photos:

Side 2

Side 2 Left side

Side 2 - Right side

Side open

How I Use It:


Lipstick bag

My Experience with Cosmetic Organizer By New Successories:

The bag has a lot of different compartments which is very useful for organizing the cosmetics.  It is made of good quality material. Side 2 has expanding bridged center which makes it useful for carrying big things like face cream bottles, accessories, bangles, necklaces, etc. The outer black portion of the bag is made of thick material, which provides a light cushion effect and keep the cosmetics inside safely while travelling.

There were other varieties of Cosmetic bags and Accessory Organizers in “Landmark.”  Some were smaller in size and some bigger. Everything was black in color. I found this under the “Travel section” in Landmark, where I found many Travel Accessories which can be used while travelling. Do check it out,  I am sure everyone will find something or the other useful.

IMBB Rating:

5/5.  Such a good quality bag at such a price is a steal and it is very useful for ladies who are on the go.  In my humble opinion, everyone who does not have an organizing pouch, should get this one as soon as possible.

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39 thoughts on “Cosmetic Organizer By New Successories

  1. Thanks for reviewing this. Ideal while traveling. Never knew if something like this is available in India too. Its on my wish list!

  2. This looks like d big bro of some glucometer device pouch :lol2: this s vryy spacious indeed…n this wil take lot of space in ua handbag as wel … Nice revu though :waytogo:

    1. Thanks Khush. Yes. Even though it is not that big, it might not fit easily into v small handbags. But definitely useful while traveling. :yahoo:

  3. I have a sweet pouch which s attachd with the mirror..n it do fill in many items…plus the lil hearts on it make it girly :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Is it? The only complaint i have with this one is that, it is not girly and looks formal :spank: where did you get yours from? :methinks:

  4. Hey is anyone from DELHi ?? North…i wanna know any wholesale cosmetic shop in kamla nagar ??? N also havving AVON products…please let me know the address
    Waiting for more answers..

  5. N what are the malls tht give discounts…i dnt shop cosmetics from mall countors coz my frend got tricked one i was scared let me know COLORBAR,maybelline,n few famous brands tht are available..

    1. Thanks Neha. :rose: That is one wish every girl makes and never fulfills or don’t want to fulfill. :hihi: :hihi:

  6. such detailed pics Jismi! :yes: 🙂
    i shud get somethin like this, currently pretty much all my makeup is in dabbas, it can lead to a lot of openin & shutting!

    1. Even I was a Dabbewaali till some time back. :lol2: And at the exact moment I want something, things disappear mysteriously and I wont be able to find something. :spank: This will make my life more easier now :puchhi: :haanji:

  7. nice product and good review…my next purchase will be this:-) it is good to have this so i ll not have to throw all things in my handbag out to get one lipstick:-)

  8. this is so awsome….i am going to hunt for this…..has become a MUST MUST Buy for me :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  9. I am currently using the one which I got as a gift from Lakme when I bought more of their products.. But It doesn’t have so much compartments like this.. I use my toiletry bag to carry my face wash, moisturizer etc.. But I feel this is a must for cosmetics.. I’d buy this without any doubt.. Thx for sharing.. :happydance:

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