How To Make Cream Blush With Unused Lipsticks: Do It Yourself

How To Make Cream Blush With Unused Lipsticks: Do It Yourself

Hi Everyone!

We all like rosy and glowing cheeks in winters, don’t we? and cream blushes offer more dewy look than powder blushes in these cold days. I wanted a perfect pink cream blush for myself in the affordable range and was searching online sites since long. The ones in my budget were shimmery kinds (which I don’t like at all) and the ones which I loved absolutely were beyond my budget.  So, an all disheartened me decided to cancel the plan, but yesterday, I was making myself a makeup kit (DIY coming soon) and saw a lipstick which I rarely use.

How To Make Cream Blush With Unused Lipsticks Do It Yourself

I have already reviewed it here. It’s the Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in “Back to Basics.”  I absolutely love the color, but the drying nature of the lipstick makes me rarely reach for it. I also noticed a small sample pot of cold cream which I got free with some magazine. As you all know by now that my vacations are going on and so I literally have an idle mind now.  So, I decided to do an experiment and it worked! 😀 I am the proud owner of an awesome cream blush now.

Read on to see how I made it: you will need the following things:

Cream Blush 1

1. Any unused lipstick (try to avoid totally sheer ones).
2. A spoon ( steel ones and NOT plastic ones).
3. Candle and matchsticks.
4. Thread.
5. Toothpick or Q tips.
6. Any clean container ( I used empty Lakme compact powder case).
7. A moisturizing cold cream (do not substitute cream with lotion).


Step 1:

Cream Blush 2

Take the thread and cut out a portion of the lipstick. You just need to make a loop around the lipstick bullet and then slowly pull the loop towards yourself; the thread will neatly cut the lipstick.

Step 2:

Cream Blush 3

Place it on the centre of the spoon and hold it over the candle flame.

Step 3:

Cream Blush 4

Cream Blush 5

Once you see the lipstick starting to melt, hold the spoon a bit higher over the flame. This will prevent the lipstick from boiling.

Step 4:

Cream Blush 6

Cream Blush 7

Pour this liquid in the container and add a dollop of cream into it and start mixing immediately with a tooth pick or Q tip. If your container is of plastic, mix it in a steel bowl first and then transfer the mixture into the container once it cools down.

Step 5:

Continue mixing till it becomes smooth. If you think the color is too dark, add some more cream.

Step 6:

Wipe the edges of the container clean with the Q tip and you have your very own cream blush ready! 😀

Have a look at the wrist swatches:

Cream Blush 8

Cream Blush 9

Cream Blush 10

Finally, here is how it looks on me:


This blush is VERY pigmented and I just needed to apply 3 dots on each cheek. Staying power? Hold your breath, it stayed for 6 hours on me without fading! It went away completely when I washed my face with face wash. My cheeks remained moisturized because of the cold cream and there was this rosy flush of color which I absolutely loved! I hope you will try this DIY too, you can even create various colors by mixing different shades of lipsticks together.

Happy experimenting girls! 😀 see you with the next DIY 🙂

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68 thoughts on “How To Make Cream Blush With Unused Lipsticks: Do It Yourself

  1. That;s a super cool DIY Aparajita. I have oily skin and cannot use cold cream even in winters, what should oily skin people like me use instead of cold cream

    1. u use aloe vera gels na? that nature essence one? i think the liquid lipstick will mix nicely with the gel too 🙂 that wont be too oily also 😀

  2. hey great tip!!! i have a habit of using a mixture of face cream and lipstick for a hint of color on my cheeks. in fact in emergency time i use it on my eyelids as well! till date is thot it was just me who used this trick! awesome! great DIY.

    1. thanks ashna! 🙂 well, lipstick in cheeks is used by women since ages, but i find it a bit cumbersome in blending 🙁 so thought of this idea 🙂

    2. thanks ashna! 🙂 well, lipstick on cheeks is used by women since ages, but i find it a bit cumbersome in blending 🙁 so thought of this idea 🙂

  3. Perfect 🙂 I am looking for some cream blushes but failed to find any in my budget. This one is cool, easy & great usage of unused lipsticks.Good going Aparajita, Love you 🙂

  4. WOW Aprajita,

    this is super cool! But am also asking the same question as Jomo and Pooja… what can we oilies substitute for the creme?

  5. I think instead of creams moisturizers can be added. Just put lipstick on your finger and spread across on cheeks evenly you dnt need cream or moisturizer even

  6. use the aloe vera gels available in market pooja 🙂 or u can even try any other moisturizer which is formulated mainly for oily skinned beauties 🙂

  7. this is sooo amazing aparajita. Loved the natural flush of color on your cheeks. I loved the thread technique that you shared. So neat and useful. :))

    1. Thanks rati 😀 u knw i got this thrd tchnque frm my granny.she used to slice hard boiled eggs with thread for egg salad n stuff:)

  8. Amazing! And you have so much patience Aparajita! 🙂 I usually dab some color on my cheeks using my fingertips and use the lipstick bullet directly. And your cheeks look fabulous with a healthy glow! Kudos! 🙂

  9. Wow, nice, but I cant use any kind of cream on my face, so I think I should try it with something else like aloe vera gel, like you said. Just bought a tube of aloe vera gel 2 days back, so lets see how it goes. Very innovative idea. 🙂

  10. woooww.Aparajita..this is a very nice and useful tut :-)… and this blush color has turned out to be super pretty..just like you 🙂

  11. Gosh…..Aparajita who says “An Idle Mind is Devil’s Workshop”….here in IMBB vacations are creating an Einstein in makeup 😉 😛
    an another ultimate DIY, loved it :-*

  12. Hey girl that’s a cool trick, I cannot use cream blushes, they just don’t go well wid my makeup but will definitely pass on this tip to all ma frnds, thanx for sharing:)

  13. wowow! thats an amazing tip yaar! super 🙂 i shud go thru my lippies now n c what neglected colors can reused now! 🙂 thanks for sharing

  14. Amazing is the word,I will try the aloevvera version.ihave lipsticks around with out using.we can keep it in fridge for some time to set it .will that work?

  15. Me too liked the way you cut the lipstick with thread!!! never seen like this before, awesome diy, i would replace aloe gel instead of creams 🙂

    1. yup 🙂 and it went off only after i washed my face with face wash… but i guess it depends on the pigmentation power of your lippie 🙂

  16. ya true…can u say what colour u used because i am guessing the cream tones down the colour making it a light one…..a swatch of the lipstick and then the blush together pls didi….i will have an idea about how dark i have to choose

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