Cute Fruity Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial

Hello, I wanted to share two of my nail art designs with my IMBB friends. The first one is a very very simple one & the second one is easy too.

(ii)Fruity Nail art
Step 1: Paint your nails with a shimmery color. I used Street wear glitter green shade. You could avoid this & just apply the base coat.

fruity nail art

Step 2: Take Konad 3D stickers (I asked a friend of mine in the US to get these for me) & using tweezers stick them on the nails. You could just put it on one finger or all the fingers. I tried applying the watermelon stickers but they weren’t looking good.

fruity nail art, nail art stickers

Step 3: Apply a top coat & you are done.

fruit nail art

(ii)Nail art with rhinestones

Step 1: Apply a base coat & color you nails with your favourite nail color. I applied Street wear Rosey Glow shade.

pink nail art

Step 2: Using a bindi brush or painting brush & white nail color draw lines, they don’t have to be straight & neat, you can just apply the way you want either thin or thick lines, doesn’t matter.

Step 3: Take small rhinestones & apply some top coat wherever you want to apply the rhinestones & pick up the rhinestones with a tooth pick & apply it. Once dry, apply a top coat & you are done. The number of rhinestones to be used depends on your choice. 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Cute Fruity Nail Art Tutorial

  1. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! you u can fimo canes also na instead of konad stickers . . . . .

    simply luv d designs

  2. Very pretty Uzma……….i want the watermelon stickers……….. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  3. :thanks: Jomol, hee hee I wish I could give them to you :handshake: ! If any of yours friends stay abroad you could them to get Konad stickers specially the fruity one, I’m sure they will find them :)) :handshake2:

  4. Those stickers are very cute uzma..The name of the second nail paint is Rosy Glow only right? Or is there a shade number too ? 😀

  5. Very cute Uzma.. I guess these stickers are best for people like us who don’t have time to do nail art themselves. This is a super cute option. Your nails look pretty. :))

  6. Very very cute tutorial Uzma!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: Me too keep my nails small and cant figure out what to try on them..this I am surely goinna try :yahoo: :yahoo:

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