Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Luminous Beige Review

Hello people!

Today I’m reviewing the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in the shade 742 (namely, Luminous Beige) that I bought some while ago.

Luminous Beige

Price: Rs. 220/- (for 4g). But I got it for Rs. 200/- thanks to my bargaining powers! 😉

maybelline lipstick luminous beige

How Maybelline describes the product:

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipsticks are definitely for them who like a lipstick that is straightforward. This collection will take you from day time to night, and keep your lips moisturized all day long. No more dryness usually associated with matte lipstick. Infused with hydra-nectar technology for creamy satin feel and pure undiluted pigments for superior crisp color, the all-new luscious selection offers the ultimate sensational experience from glide and texture to coverage and look – you’ll surely go gaga over lipsticks like never before!

My take on the product:

The lipstick comes in a compact and curvy, sweet-beige metallic tube, that clicks open. The packaging is not just pretty, but sturdy as well. Yet, the encasing is quite light-weight, making it easy to carry even in your pocket. On the top of the tube is a white coloured label, marking the shade number and the name of the lipstick which makes it easier to locate. The inside of the tube is silver, and the lipstick is regular-shaped.

Luminous Beige is a soft brown lipstick with no shimmer. This lipstick fulfils more than plenty purposes! I personally do not like wearing darker shades in lipsticks. I had been craving for a brown lipstick for so long, but none seemed to satisfy me- for they were too dark for my taste. This is a light brown colour, which totally won my heart in one go! It is also an excellent nude shade. I had been hunting for the perfect nude shade for a very long time, and had tried almost all brands, but none satisfied me. After much longing, this lipstick was an absolute love!

Swatches :

Maybelline luminous beige swatch


You will love how versatile this lipstick is! I personally love wearing it with a heavy-brown eye or a black smokey-eye. I also love to layer it with my hot pink lippie to tone down its colour. Sometimes, I wear it with a pink gloss over it! It also looks great when worn with simple kohl-eyes, by adding a little clear gloss over it- when you want your lips to be the highlight. It is also perfect for day-wear/office-wear when you don’t want your lips to look too OTT.

Luminous Beige provides adequate amount of colour/coverage on the lips in a single swipe. You can easily build up the colour with multiple swipes, depending on your preferences. It has a semi-glossy finish, giving your lips the perfect amount of shine! I like to have the teeny-weeny twinkle on my lips, and this one gives me just that!

This lipstick has a fantastic texture! It’s so buttery and smooth, it glides on like a dream. Yet it doesn’t melt (if not-refrigerated). The formula is very creamy and moisturizing. It doesn’t feel heavy or rough on the lips, and nor does it settle into the fine lines or around the lip area. It feels very light and comfortable. The most important factor for me is that it is completely non-transferable! This makes it a 100 on 100 lippie for me. All other drawbacks can now be forgiven! (Although, it has none!)

A very important pro for me is the scent of this lipstick. This one here has a charming bubblegum fragrance, unlike some lipsticks that have such a horrible odour, you start feeling sick after putting them on! I absolutely love this one for its caramel-like heavenly aroma! I actually like to take it out every now and then to especially smell it, it is just too magical!

The lipstick has a good longevity. I say good because, I usually am not too demanding in terms of the staying power. So it’s fine for me that it remains put for 3 hours, which includes light meals. I don’t mind re-applying it after a couple of hours, or immediately when it starts disappearing.

Final Verdict:

Do I recommend this lipstick?
For the colour, yes! For versatility, yes! For the finish, yes! For the texture, yes! For the staying power, yes! For the packaging, yes! For the scent, yes! Oh dear… Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a 5/5 lipstick. Just go grab it already!

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18 thoughts on “Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Luminous Beige Review

  1. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeed the review. it really makes me wanna grab it right away. its a very pretty brown and i love these office wear colors. what i also liked in the review were the ideas you gave us about what to wear it with. Thankss..:)

  2. very refreshing and excellent review atika. 🙂 i totally loved the color. These understated colors are such must haves in the kit. I’d check it out. 🙂

  3. As much as I liked your name.. I loved this lippie.. and more than that your review! amazingly well written. I dont have any maybeline lipstick and it makes me to go and just get it!!!!

  4. I too have this one but being slightly wheatish -dusky in skintone,it kind of washes me out unless worn very lightly..

  5. Thanks so much guys! 😀
    @Ritu R: You know.. If you feel any of your lipstick gets transferred, you must put it either with you fingers, or dab it on. I’d make a ton of difference! 🙂 Totally worked for me! (Although I feel my lips are some sort of a color-magnet! Lol. None of my lippies get transferred!)

  6. Wish i would have bought mine Pure passion after i read this review..I am not at all happy with the shade and it leaves back bright red pigmentation and dries off easily…

  7. I have this shade and just adore it so muchhh…Its a great option for girls wid pigmented lips.U jz need to swipe it once and then coat ur lips wid any color and it comes out ditto on ur lips

  8. i had been on Maybelline store a few days back & asked for same… they said no such shade exists… they showed me the whole list of products… m really upset… i donno frm where do i get this beauty… 🙁

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