Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow No.10 – Green Rhapsody

Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow No.10 – Green Rhapsody

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I am finding a little free time on my hands, so writing a few pending posts for IMBB, of some products which I got recently.  One of them was the Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow in Green Rhapsody. I didn’t have any green or gold eye shadows until now, and getting a great discount on an online shopping site, I couldn’t resist myself 🙂

Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow No. 10 Green Rhapsody

The trio looked very tempting to me considering it had a gold shade, an olive-green, and a moss green kind of shade, which would go well together. Also, I still don’t buy separate eyeshadows, as they are expensive, and I think it appeals to my Indian mentality, that getting 3 shadows together is good value for money 😛

Anyway, I haven’t tried to create a proper “look” with it yet (mainly because I don’t have a good grasp of it yet), but I have worn the shadows alone. For IMBB, I tried to do something by using all three, but it didn’t really turn out as expected, but ok-ok 😀

Green Eyeshadow

Product Description:

Handy palettes containing a trio of perfectly coordinated ultra-iridescent eye shadows for the stylish and sophisticated look of a professional make-up artist. Hypoallergenic.


INR 495 but I got it at a discount of, wait for it….50% so INR 250!!!! :happy: :happy:

My Experience with Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow No.10 – Green Rhapsody:

Now coming to the review, the shadows appeared to be like mineral baked eyeshadows, that I have seen earlier, in their appearance. They are packaged in a kind of brown-burgundy palette with thick glass lid, which makes it easier to identify. Although when I received mine, the lid appeared somewhat dirty, which put me off a bit. Also, the lid is sometimes difficult to open, and I have to change its orientation to open it, which is kind of irritating!

Golden Eyeshadow

Overall, the packaging looked nice to me, but there was a lot of fallout inside the palette itself (which I have heard can happen with mineral products, is it?), so it can get messy. Also, it comes with the dual-sponge tip applicator, and the sponge is decent, and can be used to pack on eyeshadow efficiently, although I used a brush (Faces Eye Shadow brush).

This is a trio of coordinating colors – green and gold (which always reminds me of champagne, after we did a fashion show with the theme!! :D) and the colors look really pretty in the palette, especially the olive (more like mehndi green actually) and the gold.

Green Eye shadow

The texture of the eye shadows is pretty soft and smooth. It is written that it is a “Super Iridescent Wet and Dry Eyeshadow”, so it can be used wet also. Its pigmentation improves slightly when used wet, but there’s not much of a difference. The staying power is between 5-6 hours on my oily lids, used with a moisturizer-makeup base combo as a primer, after which it starts creasing. There was almost no fallout while applying, and no transferring to under the eyes after wearing for a few hours.


As for the shades themselves, they are well pigmented except for the moss green shade. In fact, the mehndi green is just lovely when used alone! Even the gold looks very nice if you want a pretty gold shade. Just the moss green kind of shade is less pigmented, even when used wet. I don’t know how well I blended it, but it seemed easy to blend!

Swatches:  Dry, without flash.


Anyway, the gold one, is well, golden in color with a somewhat metallic finish to it, more than shimmery.

The mehndi green one, which is my favourite, is olive with golden shimmers, and looks somewhat golden-y if flash is used (yeah realized that while taking the pics!)

The moss green one is a light green, again with golden shimmers, and is less pigmented, and doesn’t show up too much on my dusky skin tone.

In the following pictures, I have used the gold one in my inner one-third of my eye lid, the mehndi one on the outer two thirds, and the moss green one on the crease. I also used my (newly arrived) Faces Long Wear Eye liner in Forest Green (mainly because I was too excited to wear it, because of which I even didn’t apply it properly :D)

With Flash

With flash

Without flash

Green Eyeliner

Moss Green

Pros of Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow No.10 – Green Rhapsody:

  • Available in different palettes of three coordinating colors, all of which look good!
  • Packaging is really cute.
  • Texture is smooth and soft.
  • The shades are well pigmented.
  • They can be used wet and dry.
  • Their shimmer is subtle, and looks really great, festive kinda!
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Price is good (great for me!)
  • Staying power is pretty good, around 5-6 hours with normal makeup base and compact.
  • The green and gold combination, which is great for the festive season!
  • No fallout, no transferring to under-eyes.

Cons of Deborah Milano Hi Tech Trio Eye Shadow No.10 – Green Rhapsody:

  • Availability might be an issue, but this is available online.
  • When used dry, their pigmentation is not much.
  • Creases after 5-6 hours.

IMBB Rating:


Overall Verdict:

For me, it was great since I got a great discount.  Even without it, I think it was pretty much worth the price, and the shades are very pretty, and a must-have for green lovers!  I might try out the other shades from the range now.  I do recommend it especially if you’re getting a good discount!

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