Dove Daily Hair Vitamin Review

Today, I am reviewing Dove Hairtherapy Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin. Read on further for more details on this product.

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin Review

Product Description:
Dove Daily Hair Vitamin product description

Price and Quantity:
70 PHP or 100 INR for pack of 6 capsules.

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin ingredients

My Experience with Dove Daily Hair Vitamin:

I have been facing a lot of hair fall these days. My hair become so rough and dry that I decided to chop them off and got a short hair cut, but still needed something to make my hair more better. I spotted these vitamin capsules from Dove in a nearby beauty store and got so excited to try these out. I have been using this product for a month now. This is my third pack and I hope that is good enough to explain how much I love this product. I do not use it everyday, rather I prefer using it every alternate day.

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin outer packaging

The packaging of the product is pretty basic. Each pack comes with 6 capsules. Though, the packaging is fine but a bottle packaging would have been better because each capsule contains lot of serum in it, which is good enough for long hair but the amount is too much for my short hair. So, most of the product gets wasted that way as I don’t store and use the leftover amount in the capsule. Each capsule comes housed in a medicine kind of a packet. The capsule is very easy to open. Just twist the neck of the capsule and it dispenses the product easily. These capsules come in an outer cardboard packaging. The outer packet bears the usage instructions while the inner packet also includes some necessary product related information. Overall, the packaging is nice and travel friendly.

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin capsules in packaging

Each capsule contains hair serum which is a clear liquid that looks like water and has a consistency that is close to water. It spreads easily on the hair. Half of the content of the capsule is good enough for my short hair because using too much product makes my hair greasy. The serum has a mild and refreshing smell, which is absolutely not bothersome. It smells like fresh flowers and adds a nice smell to my hair. It does not weigh down my hair nor does it make my hair greasy, rather it adds a nice volume to my hair.

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin capsule in hand

My hair looks straight, shiny and bouncy after application. The lustre it imparts to my hair is really amazing. My dull hair looks lively. If you have dull and dry hair, this is surely a miraculous product for you. It smoothens my hair and helps to tame the frizz perfectly, leaving each strand straight and shiny. It keeps my hair tangle free and even helps to detangle already tangled hair. It makes my hair super soft and smooth that I keep running my fingers on my hair. It adds moisture to the hair. It prevents hair from damage. Overall, this is an awesome hair care product and I would highly recommend this to you all.

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin swatch

Pros of Dove Daily Hair Vitamin:

  • Nice packaging, travel friendly.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Texture is fine.
  • Non-oily formula.
  • Adds moisture to the hair.
  • Does not weigh down hair.
  • Helps to tame the frizz.
  • Keeps hair in place almost all day long.
  • Makes hair lustrous.
  • Adds volume to the hair.
  • Makes hair bouncy and healthier.

Cons of Dove Daily Hair Vitamin:

  • Using excess of hair serum will surely weigh down the hair.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Dove Daily Hair Vitamin?
Yes, it works great and pretty affordable.

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  1. hi, this will be my first time to use this… just wanted to know if i can iron my hair even if i already applied dove daily vitamin…

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